Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Can Someone Influence Your Behavior and Affect Your Judgment So it Makes it Harder For You To Tell The Difference Between Right and Wrong?

Click through on the links below to:

1. Morality Study Narrows Gap between Mind and Brain

2. Morality is modified in the lab

3. Scientists Show that They Can Change People's Moral Judgments

4. Watch this video starting at 35:20.

5. Professor Creates Remote Control People (Based on the work of Jose Delgado, see here for bull example. These examples are very crude compared to what they have today. Imagine how the same could be done with nanotechnology: see here and here for more information.

6. Watch this video about using synthetic telepathy. This is classified technology that allows two brains to connect. What this demonstrates is how one brain can influence another at a distance. Or, how you could influence the EEG of another person's brain. What can you do when you change the EEG of another person? You can change who that person is. Effectively, two brains become one. There have been scientific studies conducted that show how a BCI (Brain-Computer Interface,) can change the neuroplasticity of a human brain. This is one of the reasons why ethical considerations plague anything that alters the human mind.

7. See these three patents: here, here and here.

8. Watch this video about DARPA brain implant and guinea pigs.

9. Watch this video that has been put together using government documents and talks about the use of nanotechnology, augmented cognition and synthetic telepathy.

10. Watch this video of an amateur techie driving a remote control car with his thoughts.

11. Connecting Brains: Merging Two Brains to Become One --- Or The Ethical Implications of When "I" Becomes "We"

12. BCI- The Brain Computer Interface

13. Homemade Mind Controlled TV Remote & Controlling Your Computer With Your Mind

14. Human Moves Rat's Tail With Thoughts Alone

15. Gamer - Nanotechnology - Classified Technology - and Covertly Influencing People

16. Watch this old CNN clip from 80's discuss what they could do way back then. One of the people they interview is Jose Delgado and the other is a pioneer in Bioelectricity and Bioelectromagnetism named Robert Becker.

17. See this Cisco commercial admitting that synthetic telepathy, (telepathy with technology,) is possible

18. See here for where Mark Zuckerberg talks about synthetic telepathy.

19. See here and here for more information about mind control.

Do you understand the implications of this and the other documents I've posted?

I think it's important to realize that we live under what some people have coined a  pseudo "Panopticon." For, in a true panopticon you would KNOW the level of surveillance that you are under. But, if you don't know about the existence of any of this technology, how do you know what the truth is in this world?

Think about it for a second. How much of your tax money is going into creating a technological surveillance-dictatorship?

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