Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nanotechnology and the Brain

What do you know about nanotechnology? 

How would you like to have nanobots or nanowires inside your brain and be hooked up to a supercomputer with quantum computing and artificial intelligence so they can data mine your life? Sounds crazy? It's already happening. They can introduce it to you through
 a simple injection or in an airborne delivery methodology like smart dust, a virus or a bacteria. (Also see this about using RNA as a bacteria or a virus with nanotechnology.)

Imagine having your brain hooked up to a supercomputer and your life being broadcast to a bunch of stalking, psychopathic intelligence spies. Imagine if they could read your mind, look through your eyes and hear through your earsSee this old clip of a scientist looking out of a cat's eyes. What they have now is even more advanced.

Imagine being "hooked up" to another brain. Imagine that you could influence the EEG of another person's brain. What can you do when you change the EEG of another person? You can change who that person is. Effectively, two brains become one. 

There have been scientific studies conducted that show how a BCI (Brain-Computer Interface,) can change the neuroplasticity of a human brain. This is one of the reasons why ethical considerations plague anything that alters the human mind.  Imagine your life being broadcast "live" and recorded like a movie. Imagine them doing this just for entertainment. You're a girl on Facebook that they like and want to "get to know" you on an intimate level?  You're a political dissident with political views the "powers that be" don't like?  Watch out. The people in power are absolutely terrible and they do this.

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