Sunday, March 10, 2013

Zionism Like Racism --- Has To Go...

Watch The Video Below!

The headline I used for this article is a line from the video below.

It's all about fear --- make people scared. Fear is the new secular god of the state. And this is what they do to the Israeli people.

One great line from the video below:  "People in Israel are basically scared. I mean what do people know, people know what they read, what they hear in the paper..."

And another:

"They want to bring back this tension of 1967 where people are actually afraid. Israeli's in 1967 were scared to death. People were actually afraid there would be another holocaust."

Just like they do to the Americans. How else can you continue to justify the ridiculous spending on the military industrial complex? Don't think it isn't being used to enslave you.  All that money, where is it going?

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one ---  Benjamin Franklin

Watch the terrific video below of a man with true courage, unlike the majority of people who throw around a bunch of words devoid of any meaning. And just remember who is talking in the video... he has a bit of credibility. Anyone watch the other videos I posted?

You know, there are really three kinds of people on this issue...

1. Those who speak the truth
2. Those who use ad hominem attacks or throw around words that lack meaning
3. Those who don't have the balls to say anything

Which one are you? Are you the righteous religious man or the humanitarian secularist who shuts his mouth? Either way you're a joke. I wonder where Hollywood is for this one? Oh, it wouldn't matter anyway... seeing that no one received anything in Haiti. Good work boys, at least you looked good while "caring" on TV.

You make good money.... that's all that matters. You're a star.

I guess that's when acting can come in handy.... when "caring." It's a good thing that Canada and the United States support this too. Canada, the multicultural country that supports ethnocentric psychopathology in another country.  Harper said not long ago, that "Canada will always stand by Israel."

Below the video you'll some great lines from the talk... READ THEM.

Here are some great lines from this video:

  • Zionism like Racism...has to go

  • And then you have the Israeli army which I like to refer to... as one of the most, best trained, best equipped, best fed,  terrorist organizations in the world. And yes... they have generals and nice uniforms... but their entire purpose is terrorism

  • And just as one example...I'll give you one example... almost exactly four years ago, as Israel began its attack on Gaza, Sept. 27, 2008 at 11:25 in the morning. What I refer to as the most shameful day in the Jewish history. The most shameful day in the history of the Jewish people

  • Israel began carpet bombing Gaza. And on the first day... what was to be a 21 day attack, they dropped 100 tons of bombs. Okay, a 1 ton bomb will destroy 1 city block. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world, 800 000 children live in Gaza. 11:25 in the morning is exactly when the morning school shift and the afternoon school shift change --- so all the kids are on the streets... all the children are on the streets. That was the moment by the decision makers in Israel to begin the attack. This was the 1st day, of a 21 day slaughter, that had absolutely no justification.... if that's not terrorism, I don't know what is. And this is how the state of Israel manages to control the different populations. And somehow still keep up this very sweet liberal kind of face to everything

  • The whole Iran issue... in my opinion anyway, is a smoke screen. It was designed very cleverly, and it's used very cleverly by Netanyahu and his government to shift everybody's attention from Palestine to some other fictional threat. And it's been very successful, I mean at the United Nation general assembly nobody talks about Palestine. Everything was about Iran. Iran...Iran.  The threat of Iran. Attack Iran, bomb Iran, don't bomb Iran

  •  This anti-semetic thing... you can say this, because you are you, but when we say it they call us anti-semetic. And my reply to that is... fine. I mean they call me a self-hating Jew. I just got something that said I was a self-hating Jew or that I hate Jews or something. Fine I'll take that. Now, let's talk about something else, can you explain to me why Palestinian children get no water? Can you explain to me how you justify dropping 100 tons of bombs on children? Can you explain to me throwing people out of their homes and making them homeless? Can you explain to me, yanking kids out of their beds at 2 o'clock in the morning, throwing them in prison and torturing them? Can you explain all of this to me? Perhaps I'm anti-semetic. Now you explain all of this to me. What does that make you? AND THIS HAS TO BE THE CONVERSATION. Calling people anti-semetic is a very weak weapon, it's a very weak tool. IT'S ALL THEY GOT.  But when you actually look at it... IT'S COMPLETELY MEANINGLESS... because they do not have an answer for all those other questions, and that has to be the issue. They're the ones to have to explain. Not you. Not us. You have nothing to explain, these are legitimate questions. You supported, you danced, when Israel was dropping hundreds of tons of bombs on 800 000 children that were locked up in Gaza and had no where to go. YOU SUPPORTED THIS. I'm anti-semetic, what does that make you? You support a country that deliberately prevents children from access to water. Not to mention food, medicine and education... and a home and freedom. You support that, what does that make you? How can you support this? This has to be the conversation.


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