Monday, March 4, 2013

Most People Don't Know the Complete Story About the Unabomber...

That he was involved with studies conducted by the CIA, nor the complete details of why he became a hermit. This tells more about the story.

A question to ask before you watch this: What if technology is far more advanced than what the vast majority of the public is being led to believe?

A few things to remember from the video....

The link between computers, the military, the intelligence community, the universities, and the aerospace industry.

We have been led to believe that technology will liberate us and give us more freedom, but is this true? It is a question worth asking... and it is one that is not being asked very often today. Many of us have grown up in a technological bubble. We see the amazing advantages that technology gives us everyday. This makes it easy to be an optimist.

But... we sometimes have to ask if our naive sense of optimism could be used for those in positions of power. We are often taught throughout life that everything has its good and bad.  What about our blind ambition for never-ending technological advancement and "progress?" At what point does technology begin to turn in upon us as human-beings? At what point does it become like entwined branches that have to be pruned?

We have been taught about the horrors of fascist dictatorships from the 20th century. But there is still one that hasn't really been talked about often enough.... the technological dictatorship of the 21st century.

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