Saturday, March 9, 2013

"He's Just a Crazy Conspiracy Theorist... Don't Listen to Him!"

That's the usual thing you will hear. The famous Ad Hominem. "He's just some sort of crazy conspiracy theorist. Don't listen to him."

Let me tell you something.... the real conspiracy is that you have freedom. You do not have freedom in the sense that you have been taught to believe. That means you are a slave, it is just completely covered up from you. The whole system is set against you. The game is rigged... and it all begins with the financial industry and the banking system.

That doesn't mean you cannot "get ahead" in the world. You can. But just know you have to jump through a bunch of hoops... and if you are starting at the low end of the totem pole, be prepared to work 100% harder and or smarter than everyone else.

The sad thing is, the hard work that is required to climb up the totem pole in life often ends up blinding people. To "succeed" in life, in what the world likes to tell you success is...MONEY AND FAME... you have to work like a dog. This hard work requires specialization and a narrow sense of focus that will almost automatically make you blind. Along with having relationships and a family, you probably won't have time to see the things I am talking about, and they know this.

It's created in an ingenious way. Most of what you read, watch or hear will not give you the truth. But they do leave hints for people to see. Most of these hints are in Hollywood movies but they're also in books.

As for the mainstream media, the big question is... can it be trusted as a reliable news source? Most of the time the answer is no. That doesn't mean that everything they report is a lie, you just have to ask yourself... "Why are they reporting what they are? How are they featuring it? What angle or spin are they giving it?" Just remember, the appearance of truth is more dangerous to you than lies.

Below is a good video about Operation Mockingbird

The James Bond movies themselves are propaganda. They are just more ridiculous stuff to not only recruit people into how "cool" it is to be a "special agent," but also, to keep you from knowing the truth. Most of intelligence is propaganda, pr, media, news, journalism, movies and very high-tech surveillance.

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