Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Secret of the Trading Industry...

Aaaaaa.... the free market. Nothing quite like it. As some like to say, it's full of the Franklinian spirit.

Now, before you become hypnotically induced by the usual propaganda that's presented to you, there's something you should know.

Here one secret. It's a special handbook that should be bundled with the three books listed below.

It's another way to help yourself Trade Like a Hedge Fund Manager.... or to help with your Practical Speculations. It's a way to get yourself more than One Good Trade.... better yet, it will give you access to a few good brains.

Just to add to this, one of the blogs had a post referring to the sudden death of Andrew Breitbart. A hinted threat directed at me? I'm sure I'm just crazy. I'm just a crazy conspiracy theorist.... don't listen to me.

Once again, another sign of the bullshit world we live in. This is not limited to the financial industry.

What does all this mean? There is no free market.... and anyone who talks about it in the media or anywhere else is lying to you.

All the T.V. pundits, magazine writers, newspaper journalists and radio talk show hosts are in complete silence about the ideas I'm writing about on this blog. I wonder why.

What does this tell you about your government? The one that sends all the soldiers to "fight for your freedom" in other countries. Who runs your country? Who runs your government? Do you really have free elections? Who knows. But it's worth asking.

Imagine if you could see and listen inside someone's house, look inside their body, know what they are thinking...know if they have a fever!

But wait, there's more! (As they say in the infomercials--- where there's more truth than the news media.) 

It gets even worse! But we'll cover that in another post. For now, here are two links to get you started:

1. Mind Control and Mind Reading Technology - Is Edward Snowden a Fake?
2. Mind Control and Augmented Cognition: Hooked Up to a Supercomputer with Artificial Intelligence at the NSA and CIA

This knowledge is essential to anyone wanting to understand the new technologies and capabilities emerging.

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