Thursday, November 16, 2017

Jewish Supremacism- A Must Read Book

Download the complete book called Jewish Supremacism here. Download the audio book here. While I do not agree with this author about some of his views regarding race, I totally agree with his book about Jewish supremacy as a problem in this world. In fact, I think it is one of the best books written on the topic. It also shows the absolute hypocrisy of Jews. This is what this comedy video with Hitler is trying to show. Don't forget, Jesus calls the Pharisees (this is the modern day Jews) hypocrites and liars and children of the Devil. (Also see here.) It was the Jews who brought Jesus in front of the Pharisees. Most people do not know this. By the way, another topic you might be interested in is the little known and covered up history of Jewish involvement in slavery with blacks and whites. See here for more about this. (Be sure to scroll down and go through all of the articles and videos there.)

To view two others informative videos regarding the Jewish supremacist mentality see here and here. For more interesting books on the topic of Judasim, see here and here.

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