Saturday, November 11, 2017

FBI Infragard and Private Outsourced Intelligence Agents

See The True Nature Of The United States
And How Deep The Corruption Really Is!
Watch The Videos Below!

Besides the article below, see here for the strong connections between the United States, Canada, and Israel for Homeland Security. See here for more about Homeland Security.

The first three videos below contain an interview with a former FBI agent. The next three videos contain information about InfraGard. Here is the InfraGard website. Here is a list of SOME of the businesses the InfraGard program works with!

Isn't it interesting that Raytheon is one of them! See here for a previous post about BBN Technologies and Raytheon. YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST GO THROUGH THAT WHOLE LIST so you can see for yourself how many military contractors, banks, financial organizations, and technology companies are involved with this program. Google, Oracle, Facebook, and Microsoft are also listed! Same with Black Rock and other major financial institutions! For instance, Bank of America which has been involved with money laundering and drugs! Speaking of psychopathic lowlifes working with the FBI, here is James Altucher interviewing a former FBI agent on his podcast. (See here about James Altucher.)

We already know that the FBI works with criminals and informants, and their involvement in counter intelligence with groups like the Black Panthers, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X. (See herehere, and here for more about Counter-Intelligence and the FBI. Also, see here for a PBS documentary on the topic. See here and here for an example of phony individuals in the alternative media who are really counter intelligence agents. See here for a list of potential "terrorist" categories they are looking for when it comes to politics.)

BUT... now we see this. Potentially corrupt corporate business leaders working with the FBI. Watch the videos below. This is somewhat similar to what I know about organized crime and private organizations obtaining contracts from the CIA.

Yes, the InfraGard system is in place and some of the whack jobs who are a part of it are on Wall Street, the most criminal corporations on earth. The reality is... if the SEC or the FBI was actually doing their job Wall Street would be closed down for a couple months just to clear out all the stealing, thieving and fraud. But don't worry everyone, some of them are helping the FBI deal with the criminals in your country!

Make sure you watch the very last video. In the last video at the bottom, they talk about outsourcing intelligence, to learn more about this, see hereherehere and here. For more about front businesses and intelligence agents, see here. See here for more about classified technology that is not covered in any of the videos below. See here for more about the stalking and slandering techniques they use. See here for more about biological warfare and synthetic biology and how even the FBI is aware of it.

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