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Secret Brain Implants: Explosive Court Case

Deborah Dupre
Human Rights Examiner

Among greatest human rights violations imaginable.

Increasing numbers of innocent citizens targeted for U.S. state-sponsored terror are being secretly brain implanted with U.S. RFID chips without their consent for no-touch torture and mind control plus experimentation. One man evidenced this in court; won his case; and now prepares for a continuation in federal court, due to be equally explosive.

RFID is an abbreviation for Radio-frequency Identification, a misnomer due to the device functions consisting of far more than ID. It is used for remote technological harassment, torture and even assassination. 

James Walbert, a resident of Wichita, Kansas, proved his experience as a Targeted Individual under surveillance includes implanted RFID chips, including in his brain, and subsequent remote electronic abuse. Walbert told Sedgwick County, Kansas court panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with “jolts of radiation.” (Note: In the following video, you will see examples of scanning for radio frequency emissions. People must understand that nanotechnology is so small that even if it is located with a radio frequency scanner that doesn't mean you will pick it up on an MRI or an X-Ray.  That is one problem, the other problem is that you would not pick up a radio frequency emission to begin with.)

On November 25, 2008, the court ordered the associated targeted stalking of Walbert to halt. Walbert then began suffering electric shock sensations and hearing electronically generated tones, including popping and ringing sounds.

On December 30th, Court decided in Walbert’s favor, issuing a first-of-its-kind order of protection, banning Redford from using “electronic means” to injure Walbert. That Order has been violated - including by police Walbert told the Examiner.

"Nothing to date has changed at all - not to say that they are not investigating. There just has been no change at all in this harassment despite this order of protection."

RFID implants

A common misconception is that RFID implants are solely to track individuals 24/7. This is not the case with advanced satellite surveillance and "harassment" technologies that covert government agencies and organized crime syndicates are using on innocent people to neutralize them, and suppress them through mental torment and physical injury. These technologies are effectively used against RFID implanted persons.

Most RFID devices contain at least two parts: 1) An integrated circuit for storing and processing information, modulating and demodulating a radio-frequency (RF) signal; and 2) An antenna for receiving and transmitting signals.

With the second RFID part, the antenna, implanted subject can receive sounds, even verbal orders, and thus be subjected to control against his or her best interest, a method of mind control. With the antenna, the subject can also receive electronic pain and injury meeting torture criterion. The antenna has the capacity to covertly assassinate the target by directing electric energy from hand-held devices or satellite to a vulnerable body or organ part. Thus, the cause of death is attributed to the subject's vulnerability as recorded in medical records and then viewed by most people as death by "natural cause." (For information on NSA neural remote monitoring, see NSA Signals Intelligence here, here, here and here. )

"Mankind has inalienable human rights that are absolute and can not be debased, nor perverted. Human life can not be degraded to a 16 digit RFID chip number embedded under your skin under any circumstance. By uniting on this common ground, we can send a strong message to the IBM-funded Verichip that We The People Will Not Be Chipped," is the mission statement of the group, We the People Will Not be Chipped."

But what happens when unwitting, innocent persons are covertly chipped? Not possible? This is being reported throughout communities in the U.S. and other nations - with growing hard evidence to prove it.

The largest deployment of active RFID is the U.S. Department of Defense. (Wikipedia)

Chipped for failure to comply with bullies

"In 2004, I became an inventor and was then threatened shortly afterwards by the party outlined in the protection order," explained Walbert. "He had stated that I would give him this invention or he would further discredit me and just take it from me."

Walbert says that's when it all started.

"The FBI believes it to be close friends of mine who are executing this crime," says Walbert. "Very soon after the threat for not giving away my invention, I started experiencing very odd things around me, mostly the way people were acting towards me.

Most Targeted Individuals report that friends and even family members begin treating the target differently, as though mentally ill or dangerous. Some of these family members have reported to the Examiner that they were secretly contacted by law enforcement, threatened to keep the contact secret, and told lies about their loved one. The average person perceives and treats the target with less respect or understanding of the state-sponsored crime against them - all due to "official" lies to discredit and isolate the target, making it easier to further persecute him or her since no support or protection exists.

This sworn secrecy part of the program has been reported so many times, it raises serious ethical questions such as: How many people in the fields of medicine and mental health including psychology are directly involved in this system of abuse and just following orders? 

After a consultation with Walbert, Clinical Psychologist Cathy Meadows, M.A. wrote:

"The techniques used against these targeted individuals are purposely designed to make the victim appear to have a mentally disorder in order to invalidate any claims of wrongdoing by the perpetrators. [The same tactic is presently being used in the Gulf Coast crime against humanity, with focus on mental injury, not physical injuries.] It is a highly organized and multi-faceted attack that is used by many political and religious extremists, by corporations and businesses, and even by organized crime."

Meadows concludes stating that Walbert's "reasons for the covert attack and details he gives about the attack are in sync with what we know about gang-stalking and technological harassment and for this reason I can't rule out his claims."

Walbert now calmly describes the terrifying experiences hundreds of innocent targeted individuals report, a violation of their bodies and minds, often in their homes:

"I then woke up to bloody ears and lots of ringing and nervous system stimulations. Very soon after that, I went to the doctor and they had found something in my ears."

Walbert had scars along with this foreign body in his ear according to doctor reports.

"The whole left side of me was damaged," 

"I had gone in for an MRI. They found something else in the trapezia area. I had it sent off to a few doctors that I know." 

Dr. John Hall identified the foreign body as a RFID chip, consistent with what investigator William J. Taylor had stated.

Wanting to test his blood for any residues from the implant, the following year, Walbert saw the famous Industrial Toxicologist and Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Hildegarde Staninger with Integrated Health Services out of Los Angeles. After sending Walbert for 30 blood tests in search of damages, Staninger further confirmed the existence of the foreign bodies.

"Well we found the damages - and other implants as well," said Walbert.

He then had further tests run by another investigator to back up findings and confirmations by investigators at William J. Taylor's Agencies. Again, the new investigations concurred with the old.

Walbert then turned to private detective Melinda Kidder who confirmed the findings, stating that what everyone involved in the investigation had all been saying to be truthful, factual and real.

"Very soon after this, I again turned to the State Rep Jim Guest."

In 2006, when the U.S. Department of Defense awarded $1.6 million to Clemson University to develop an implantable biochip,'s Yelene Slattery stated, "Soldiers can't choose to not get certain things done because they become government property once they sign up. When does it end? When does it become an infringement on a person's privacy?"

Slattery expressed valid concerns that once the chip is in, soldiers can be put on surveillance, even when off-duty, according to CBS affiliate KUTV. (U.S. Military May Implant Chips In Troops' Brains, Salt Lake City, Utah; Online:; or see

By 2008, due to Rep. Guest's leadership in Missouri, it became illegal for businesses to require employees to be micro-chipped.

“When you’re forced to have a chip put in you as a condition of employment, that’s taking away your civil liberties and your freedom,” said Rep. Guest, a King City Republican who added the microchip language to a bill concerning overtime and disability benefits. At that time, Guest vowed to introduce a bill to prohibit all microchip implants in humans. 

Guest had supported Walbert's first case in which the first protection order of its kind was issued, a major win that offered a glimmer of hope to the hundreds if not thousands of targets having their lives ruined by a covert, sophisticated system of abuse operating at every level of society.

"This time around," Walbert said, "I had solid evidence to present to Representative Guest's offices. Once this issued to his offices, I then had him confirm this evidence as being truthful and accurate and asked for another letter of support per his offices. It was granted."

Guest proceeded to introduce U.S. House Bill 550 against illegal chip implants.

"Rep Guest had came through again for all the victims, as we all knew he would and continues to do," said Walbert.

Walbert finally then turned to the Medical Community. He, like other implanted survivors, wants the devices extracted - but that has not happened.

"I was and continue to be turned away out of fear. Several doctors stated that they see it on the MRI and agree with other doctors, but they are not going to help out fear that the government is involved and tear their offices apart for any records that are related to this extraction of this implanted device." (Emphasis added)

Harassment continues

Walbert explains, "In the Order, there's a request to the Courts to have the defendant withheld from the use of such devices, and that is what the order was issued under that request. That is why it was a hit in such a big way. It was and is still the only order of protection from this equipment and its effects that has ever been issued to date.

"I'm preparing to fight the local police. The Federal courts are the only courts I can fight them in considering this is a federal crime."

The courts have waived the filing fee for Walbert and are serving the police via Federal Marshall office. They will deliver the suit to the police.

"That's kinda cool to see happening to them," said Walbert. "I have political support, investigatory support, medical support, psychological support as well for this case. If there are statement's that have been made against my mental health then we will just add the defamation into the suit as well. I am trying to get local media involved with this case. Just to expose our police department into a negligent state."

To date, Walbert's first case rests on over 557,000 websites, was featured in a Wired Magazine article plus appeared in numerous mainstream media outlets.

Walbert's next court case is due to be just as explosive as the first. This case impacts not only impacts the innocent citizens who silently suffer persecution, denied by those who could help. This goes further.

Paul Baird of told the Examiner that the system of which Walbert reports and fights also has to do with "exclusion of those with character/integrity from public life; a selection process now perfected with the use of surveillance technology to ensure that no opposition exists."

Baird stated:

"The Big Brother system of control that we now know about is both the essence of the problem and the reason that approaches to public figures fail to get the necessary result. You can find good and bad in most quarters but not in the mainstream media, politics etc. The good - and I've found quite a few - are on the outer; systematically excluded."

To non-believers, including family, friends, and professionals who choose to forsake loved ones or clients due to this seemingly unbelievable hidden system of persecution, including by media, medical and mental health professionals, Walbert says:

"Anyone who wants more evidence, I have over 800 documents of solid irrefutable evidence to share."

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