Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jewish Woman Talks About Ritual Killings, Jewish Blood Libel and Pizzagate

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Special note: please don't take this to mean that I think all Jews are out sacrificing kids. That is not what I am trying to show people. What I want people to know is this is the real Pizzagate, (see herehere, and here for more about what is happening.) So, people like this, are not telling you the truth.  Jews are highly over-represented in intelligence agencies and they have strong connections to organized crime because of Zionism. Israel is so important, believe me. It is all about Israel. We are being lied to. There is a cover up going on with intelligence agencies. Just look at the technology they have access to. (See here and here for more about technology.) They are literally like a breakaway society. Through the banks and the intelligence agencies, they flex their muscles into the organized crime, the military, law enforcement, Silicon Valley, the mainstream and alternative media, Hollywood and the porn industry. These people literally control the world, it is very, very challenging to hide from them. If not impossible. 

You have to love this "Coexist" campaign when craziness like this is covered up from you. If you think what is in the videos below is fake or it doesn't happen... it is time for you to wake the hell up.

Besides usury, this is the exact behavior that got Jews expelled from all the nations listed here. Like I said before, this does not mean "all Jews" are involved in this. It is mostly Jewish organized crime and intelligence agencies. Jewish organized crime is the most powerful on the planet because of their connections to the banks and intelligence agencies. This gives organized crime which is Zionist oriented such unbelievable political power that it is literally metastasized to the government.

“It was with some astonishment that I discovered what an integral part of American Jewish life crime was. Our forefathers made names for themselves as gangsters, murderers, musclemen, hit men, acid throwers, arm breakers, bombers and all the other professions open to nice Jewish boys. Prostitution, vice, alcohol, gambling, racketeering, extortion, and all the other things that fill the newspaper today and that I gladly have been attributing as character flaws in other groups…those were our things. I was shocked at how deep our roots are in all the sinks of depravity and corruption. The Jews were the first ones to realize the link between organized crime and organized politics. They led the way in corrupting the police and city hall. They first realized the value of gang/syndicate cartels in business to reduce the killing of each other. They were monopolists of the highest order. We wrote the book, so to speak, on crime, but it’s all forgotten.” —Marvin Kitman, Jewish critic and writer

Unfortunately, it has been so well hidden from most people they just can't believe this happens. See here for more information about Israel and the Talmud.

This organized crime is a banking class that is connected to usury. Let me explain to you why what is featured in the videos below happens. It is the end result of usury, but also... the privileged and entitled mentality that comes from the little-known nor talked about Talmud. (Go through a whole list of articles about the Talmud here.) For a little sample of this priceless wisdom see here and here. The reality is, usury is itself parasitical and criminal. There hasn't been one great thinker or philosopher throughout history that has praised it. It promotes elitism and class division. A society that allows it at exceedingly extravagant levels will inevitably fall into debauchery with an elitist group that use people like pawns. People must begin to see the connection between usury and slavery.

This elitist group of people will use banks and intelligence agencies to promote those who think like them, this way they can conceal what they are doing and what they are really like. They will promote those who go along with what they are doing and make it hard for those who think differently to succeed. The "inside" is them. They are the corrupt liars that have a friendly exterior but a crazy cultish Kool-Aid center. They are a cult, the largest and most powerful one on the planet. Anyone who is currently talking about "Pizzagate" and ignoring the problems of intelligence agencies and the Jewish nature of this is lying to you, All of this is 100% real and they are covering it up because if you knew the truth they would be in trouble.

As I said, this crazy ideology ties into the intelligence agencies. Intelligence agents are pretty much above the law ---THINK ABOUT IT, when was the last time you heard about an intelligence agent being arrested? The intelligence agencies actually look for psychopaths to help them maintain their rule. Murderers, rapists, child molesters.... sadistic torturers ---- anything that they can use. If they aren't psychopaths, they are ignorant fools that are offered perks and bribes. But, most are psychopaths because you have to be to go along with what they are doing or to work with them. So, if you aren't a psycho, you keep your mouth shut, which just makes you an accomplice to their evil.

ALL OF THIS IS FINANCED BY TAXPAYERS!  They get you to pay for your own slavery.

You have to be to go along with what they people are doing or you won't fit in. You will literally be an outcast if you oppose their psychopathology of complete insanity.

If you don't think the crazed supremacist ideology that comes from the Talmud has anything to do with this, then you are hopeless. The reality is, the NEW TESTAMENT IS A BLOOD SACRIFICE. This is what the New Testament is trying to end. This is why Jesus is saying this in the gospel of John, the most important words in the whole bible.

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