Friday, March 24, 2017

Military Secret Brain-Chipping Soldiers Program Exposed

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Deborah Dupre
Human Rights Examiner

The United States is secretly implanting mind control brain chips in soldiers under the guise of proactively helping to heal battlefield brain injuries, according to an NPR interview with the author of a new book, implicating the highly secret branch of the U.S. military, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, in a human rights violation that has surpassed criteria of a crime against humanity.

“Of the 2.5 million Americans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, 300,000 of them came home with traumatic brain injury,” journalist Annie Jacobsen told NPR. “DARPA initiated a series of programs to help cognitive functioning, to repair some of this damage. And those programs center around putting brain chips inside the tissue of the brain.

”While the public is being told that the U.S. military is trying to find some way through computer technology to help people with brain injury, the program is far less than benevolent, according to Jacobsen, other scientists and thousands of secretly implanted Targeted Individuals.

"But your concern is that whatever is being discovered through that process might be turned to other and more secret ends," NPR's Steve Inskeep told Jacobsen.
"And this is a concern that has been voiced to me by many knowledgeable scientists who have worked with DARPA over the years," Jacobsen replied.

Once again, a disturbing claim consistently reported by thousands of  innocent Targeted Individuals (TIs) has been validated, albeit only after years of suffering and reporting of physical and psychological injury. Their suffering continues unabated, dismissed as "paranoia" or other mental illness, disregarded as fringe accusations by nearly every legal and medical professional nationwide.

DARPA hires scientists and defense contractors to secretly develop new weapons and new technology. When DARPA launched its RAM (Restoring Active Memory) program in 2014, it projected approximately four years until researchers were implanting chips in humans. What the military tells the public will occur usually has already been a reality, sometimes for decades. Just ask Annie Jacobsen, author of the new book about the history of DARPA, "The Pentagon's Brain." According to Jacobsen, DARPA has been, in effect, mapping the human brain for behavior control.

"Brain mapping is a set of neuroscience techniques predicated on the mapping of (biological) quantities or properties onto spatial representations of the (human or non-human) brain resulting in maps. Brain mapping is further defined as the study of the anatomy and function of the brain and spinal cord through the use of imaging (including intra-operative, microscopic, endoscopic and multi-modality imaging), immunohistochemistry, molecular & optogenetics, stem cell and cellular biology, engineering (material, electrical and biomedical), neurophysiology and nanotechnology, according to the definition established in 2013 by Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT).

After countless Targeted Individuals reported to this author their experiences and evidence of being implanted victims of a secret program implanting people without their knowledge or consent, I wrote an article revolving around the explosive court case of brain-implanted Mr. James Walbert.

The brain implantation procedure can and is being used as a form of mind control on "America's best" citizens, according to one of the nation's most prestigious private investigators formerly involved in U.S. intelligence, William Taylor. Equally concerning is dentists and other medical professionals easily and routinely implanting chips into patients, including children, with neither patient nor parent knowledge or consent. This is why NSA employees go to designated dentists and medical professionals.

Subsequent trauma that brain implanted victims allegedly experience meets criteria of torture. This technological "no-touch torture" can be applied in the home and community of anyone perceived a possible threat to the "Homeland." It also meets criteria of a crime against humanity.

In a historic 2014 Russia Today program, TI Magnus Olsson explained that today’s secretly forced human chips are as tiny as a few nanometers. He exposed many shocking details that made Edward Snowden’s human surveillance and control disclosures seem sophomoric.

Through brain implant technology, human rights - all the important ethical issues regarding the most special aspects of being a free human being living a full human life - are dismissed.

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