Thursday, October 5, 2017

MUST SEE- "Marked" Gorilla & Onsite Stalkers Involved With Classified Technology, Torture & Human Experimentation

This Guy Is a Lying Psychopath From Hell. Read All 22 Links Below! Scroll Down The Page

Message to Gorilla: I know what is going on,  someone connected to intelligence informed me that they contacted people around me. See here, here, and here for more about this. You people are pure evil. The evilest people I've ever known in my life, backstabbing psychopathic trash. Nice human sacrifice signs. These are anchoring techniques. You think I'm stupid you psychopathSee this previous post here for more about Amery and the connections to Zionism.

What is interesting is both Gorilla Properties and OnSite Pest Control (see below) use mailboxes for their addresses. I don't know one other established Pest Control business that doesn't have a physical location. Gorilla Properties claims to be franchising and takes calls from all across Canada. Think about that for a second. Who the hell would buy a franchise before the business is even successful? Do you even know why people buy franchises? It is because they have an established record of success you idiot. Who gets pressure washing jobs done for them from a company on the other side of Canada? You must read all of the links below. There are many more pieces of crap in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver doing this, they are all working together. Canada is worse than East Germany was with the Stasi. The technology is much more advanced.

1. Leo the "Gorilla" Amery and his importance in the formation of the state of Israel:

2. Go to my Facebook page and scroll down, read the enumerated posts, number 1-12. (My old Facebook page was taken down by Facebook because they did not like the information I had up, just like my Yelp post was. Here is my new Facebook, soon I will make a video with all of the same information in it. Sorry, it was taken down too! I will soon put this up somewhere else.)

3. History of Zionist terrorism: and:  and here: See also here for which group is more likely to be terrorists:

4. Stalking Gorillas with front businesses near political dissidents:

5. The little known Jewish sayanim spying all over the world:

6. Classified Technology: Intelligence Tactics: Discredit Someone:

7. Homeland Security, Torture, Political Prisoners, Classified Technology and people involved with drugs -very important must see:

8. News Covers Organized Stalking & Satellite Terrorism & Dr. John Hall Talks about Satellite Terrorism:

9. Vigilante justice Zionist style:

10. A Letter Sent To Local Newspaper About What is Happening in the Town I Used to Live In:

11. Three Pieces of Crap Who Actively Try to Suppress the Truth in a Community Facebook Group:

12. Smearing Political Enemies: Absolutely must read Zersetzung links- MUST LEARN ABOUT:

13. Examples of Character Assassination: Zionist Students Caught Defaming Their Enemies Rather Than Debating Them:

14. Hey Michael, can I get a phony franchise business too? I have a post office box on Lougheed Hwy. I take nationwide calls for property management, I might need to clean graffiti in Nova Scotia or pressure wash in Montreal. I begin to franchise my business before it is even established, makes perfect sense

15. - - Twitter- Facebook: Who works with Gorilla Properties. Hey, what is this? You want to tell me? Your friend's husband's Twitter? Plus, she was following me around too. Everyone has Twitter headers like this right? This is how arrogant these people really are, they are complete psychopaths. See here for more about comments about this behavior from Zbigniew Brzezinski.
16. Must see links- microwaves: microwave warfare.....

17. A Collection of Tweets About Brain Chips - Electromagnetic Weapons and Mind Control:

18. See this article and this article from a couple of academics talking about tracking technology. Stated possible human rights abuse from the misuse of satellite targeting and surveillance technologies. Geo-slavery is "a practice in which one entity, the master, coercively or surreptitiously monitors and exerts control over the physical location of another individual, the slave." As I have pointed out, the intelligence agencies have much more advanced technology than this.  Brain chips have been around since the 60's, though it is much more advanced today. See this old New York Times article and this CNN clip. Microwave weaponry has also been around longer than people think, see here. This is not speculation at all, this is all real. All competent computer scientists and computer engineers know this technology is real. 

19. See here for Former U.S. Representative From Ohio and Candidate for the President of the United States Dennis Kucinich's Attempted Ban of Space-Based Weapons, also see here for Senator John Glenn talking about the abuse of this technology.

20. Ethical Considerations of Brain Computer Interfaces - Nanotechnology: see here: and here:

21. I used to be staying up at Manning Park. I'm sure this is just another coincidence like the psycho above with the microwave tower for his Twitter header. You guys know where my family is anyway though, right? Oh and isn't it interesting to see what Jill Amery's husband does for work? He just so happens to be involved with the same industry that I was involved in. See this interesting information about HSBC. Many of these people have access to technology that the general population doesn't know about. 

Click To Enlarge 

22. See pictures below. Sister & brother in law of Gorilla & Onsite stalkers: 33 Pins and Devil Horns with two middle fingers. Pretty cheeky and stupid. The guy with them in the picture is an investor on the Dragon's Den with the likes of Mark Cuban.  All this connects back to psychopaths like James Altucher and other spies who know people like Mark Cuban and Kevin O'Leary on the Dragon's Den and the Shark Tank. James also knows people in Silicon Valley and in organized crime. (See here for more about James Altucher.) Many of these people are also involved with drugs. Just remember, the intelligence agencies have been involved with drugs and organized crime for years.

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