Wednesday, October 4, 2017

‘Kill Palestinians To Get Closer To God,’ Israeli Rabbi Says

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Introduction: You couldn't make this stuff up--- you must read below. This is how truly insane some of these kooks are. You see a similar mentality in other areas of Israeli and Jewish society. See here for rape culture in Israel, or here for how a top Rabbi of the Israeli army says it is fine to rape non-Jewish women. See here for evil incarnate: how a leading Jewish academic wants Jews to rape Palestinians.

Speaking of kooks, did you know there was actually a Rabbi with the name of Rabbi Kook that promoted kooky theories? What makes the article below even more relevant is that this is also how some of these Jews treat others in countries like Canada and the United States that criticize them ---especially if they are Gentiles. They just do it in different ways. For more about being labeled an "enemy of the Jewish people" and "Amalek," see here

It is literally a part of Homeland SecuritySee this article for more about militant Zionism, Homeland Security, and organized stalking. There you will see the actual Talmudic reference to Amalek. See here for more about the "kook" that was once the head of Homeland Security. 

See here for the hidden secret of Israel and Judaism - what they don't want you to know. See here for a complete list of blog posts about the little known or talked about Jewish Talmud that fuels their ideology and actions. (Be sure to scroll through all the articles there.)  Once again, I am not saying all Jews are doing this, or that they are all participating. 

What I am saying is that Jews and Judaism have a history of terrorist acts that exceed Islam.(See hereherehereherehereherehere and here for more about this.) Zionist terrorists are being given a blank check in North America. These extremists are allowed to persecute people in the United States and Canada and no one will say anything about it. 

It just shows you the level of power they have in North America.


In January this year, Eliyahu called for the Israeli army to stop  arresting the Palestinians, but to execute them instead.

This rabbi and other rabbis have several times called for killing the Palestinians and committing genocides against them.

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem -An Israeli Jewish rabbi described on Sunday the Palestinians as “monsters,” calling for slaughtering them to “get closer to God.”

Chief Rabbi of Safed and Member of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate Council Shmuel Eliyahu said: “The Palestinians are monsters and killing them is a religious duty.”

Speaking to the Israeli TV Channel 7, Eliyahu added: “Slaughtering the Palestinians getting us [Jews] closer to God.”

He said that slaughtering the Palestinians is a “biblical duty and implementing it is as important as respecting Saturdays.”

Eliyahu called on the “state of Israel to work on carrying out this duty.”

In January this year, Eliyahu called for the Israeli army to stop arresting the Palestinians, but to execute them instead.

Several other rabbis have issued similar orders calling for killing the Palestinians, naming this a religious duty.

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