Tuesday, October 3, 2017

TedTalk Talks a Little About Classified Technology

Besides the video below, see here for more about classified technology. Now, watch the TedTalk presentation below about electromagnetic weapons. 

As for electromagnetic weapons being "non-lethal", this is an inside joke. This might be the case in very short periods of targeting, but, it is obvious that it can easily be used for lethal killings that literally leave no mark. Extended targeting can also cause issues with vital organs, the brain, and heart. It could create issues like concussions, strokes, brain damage, heart issues, autism, organ ruptures, and extended amounts of physical pain. 

But that's not all... microwaves and directional sound can also be used for mind control, which is something intelligence agencies have known about for years. (Sehere and here for more about the microwave hearing effect, and here for more about directional sound.) 

Compared to the atomic bomb or dropping white phosphorus on people and melting their skin down to the bone, maybe it is better. The problem is, if this is in the wrong hands, (like it is,) you can have serious issues. Used along with mind-reading technology, you have the ultimate combo for psychopaths and a totalitarian dictatorship.

Imagine using this technology along with nanotechnology and putting microwaves right into a person like a cell phone! You would literally be a slave, with your brain hooked up to a computer and when ever you get out of line, they could hurt you. The idea that Raytheon is an "ethical" company is laughable, but, the same could be said about other military contractors in many cases. For a little more about Raytheon see here.

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