Friday, September 2, 2016

Victor Niederhoffer And His "Friends" on His Website- Psychopathic Zionist Stalking Lunatics

Below is Victor's picture and here is a link to his website. Just like James Altucher and SMB Capital, Victor and all of the crazed Zionist psychos on his site have access to classified technology for stealing intellectual property. 

But that's not all... they also have access to my brain with classified DARPA Nano tracking technology and are involved in Stasi-style stalking and enforcement against critics of Israel and Judaism. These people are psychopaths that will go after your family and your animals and just laugh about it. They are terrible human beings. Just look what they support. Of course, they act like the victims and lie to us all the time. 

Besides Victor Niederhoffer, here is a list of other names from the website Daily Speculations that are involved in stalking and parroting in the traditional Stasi manner with classified technology

Larry Williams, Roy Niederhoffer, Bo Keely, Jim Sogi, Tim Melvin, Duncan Coker, Jeff Watson, Brett Steenbarger, Stefan Jovanovich, David Lilienfeld, Henry Carstens, Richard Owen, Michael Covel, Marion Dreyfus (Global Bioethics Initiative,) and Kim Zussman.

This is what the United States has become---- the reality is, there are tons of Bernie Madoff's and people like the "Wolf on Wall Street." The SEC does absolutely nothing whatsoever. Not only are some of the people on Wall Street thieves, money launderers, drug dealers, rapists, and pedophiles ... but, some are completely evil psychopaths who torture people with classified technology. 

Some of the crazed organized crime animals on Wall Street have access to people's brains and others are even murderers.  They are the most greedy degenerate human beings I have ever seen and they will say anything to get you to believe their CRAP. They lie, lie, lie and lie. THEY LIVE NOTHING BUT LIES. WALL STREET NEEDS TO BE RAIDED. It is so much much worse than anyone could even begin to imagine.

Many of the people above are Jews, they enjoy ganging up on critics of Israel. They are complete psychopaths that pose as "outstanding" individuals in their community. One of the above-mentioned individuals is actually on the Global Bioethics Initiative! Absolutely amazing! She is supposed to be warning people (like what I am doing,) and trying to stop this from happening!

This is what you find a lot right now in Canada and the United States. Many people in high levels of government and business are corrupt. (Jews and Gentiles.) They are liars. How else could it be? Look how screwed up it is.

Why? Because the countries are falling apart. See here and here for more information about psychopaths. 

A quote from the second article about psychopaths:

In the 1980s a distinguished Polish psychologist with first-hand experience under Stalinism, and a long-time resident of the United States, Andrew M. Lobaczewski Ph.D., wrote his revolutionary Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes (from the Greek poneros, evil, and logia study).(2)

He asserts that much of politics, bureaucracy, political philosophy—and thus the whole history of mankind—has been shaped by persons who today would be diagnosed as clinical psychopaths.
Among his unique observations, Dr. Lobaczewski describes how, after the brutal Stalinization of his native Poland from 1948- 52, virtually every psychopath in his country “within two years” had emerged from the dregs of society, recognized himself as among friends in the new system, and become a bureaucrat or other servant of the Stalinist regime.

Victor Niederhoffer
"Speculator" and  Psychopath

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