Sunday, February 12, 2017

Echelon: The Secret Power of the NSA and Canada's CSE

Watch the documentary below regarding Echelon and Signals Intelligence. First off, realize that this documentary WILL ONLY GO SO FAR IN DISCLOSURE. What they can do is far worse. They are not telling you how bad it really is. See here and here for more information. I'm a Canadian, so I am also pointing out the CSE. (Which is the Canadian version of the NSA.) 

See here and here for two must read articles on the CSE. It is very important to mention that Echelon is a program that is a collaboration between the "Five Eyes" intelligence services. In the video below, former employees mention these organizations used to spy on the Red Cross and Human Rights Groups! Now, what do you think they do to people like this? You don't think they are watching them? These spy agencies are absolutely evil. 

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