Friday, June 3, 2016

Collection of Tweets About Homeland Security and its Connections to Zionism - Tweet Number 17. So, Why No Word From Our Supposed "Liberal" Jewish Friends?

2. Here is a list of fairly popular alternative media sites, all of them should be looked at with suspicion:

3. Noam Chomsky COINTELPRO: They smear people, they go after your animals your family and will kill you:
4. COINTELPRO and the Phoenix Program:

6. Homeland Security and the Alternative Media:

7. Homeland Security - Organized Stalking and Militant Zionism:

8. RCMP Targets Muslim Extremists, But Gives Zionist Terrorists Free Pass:

9. The Corruption of the RCMP and How They Work With Organized Crime:

10. The ADL That Works With the RCMP and the FBI - and its Ties to Organized Crime:

11. Homeland Security: The Strong Connections Between Israel, Canada, and the United States:

12. Learning About the Origins of "Homeland Security":

13. One of the former heads of Homeland Security, here is what some of the people he associated with believe:

14. After seeing my number 13, you might wonder, where do these beliefs come from? It's a combination of their interpretation

15. of the Old Testament , plus the Talmud, see here for more about the Talmud: &

16. Zionists, or "secular Jews" their identity still comes from the Talmud: the Halakhah:

17. So, why no word from all our supposed "Liberal" Jewish friends?

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