Thursday, July 6, 2017

More Examples of Classified Technology That Can Be Used In Contact Lenses and Sunglasses

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See here for more about mind control, light, and synthetic biology. See here for more about the world's smallest robots and nanotechnology. 

See here for a more complete list of nanotechnology. See here for more about mind control and brain chips. See here for changing brain structure and Transhumanism. 

See here for more about classified technology. See here for a clip from the movie Gamer about using what is called "synthetic telepathy" to influence others. See this Cisco ad referring to synthetic telepathy, see here for Mark Zuckerberg talking about it. See here and here for more about connecting brains: merging two brains to become one --- or the ethical implications of when "I" becomes "We."  
What can you do when you change the EEG of another person? Effectively, two brains become one. All of this manipulation to humans can be done by computers, (computer to human,) or human beings, (from one human to another human when they are both hooked up to a computer.)  

See this previous post about Microsoft HoloLens and this one for more about something similar in contact lenses. As the movie "They Live" shows, what helps the good guys to see the villains is special sunglasses or contact lenses.... now you know why. (Of course, some of the organized stalkers just use their cell phones to receive messages from those in higher places with access to more information or more advanced technology.) The CSIS videos literally show intelligence agents stalking and following people

Imagine being able to "dial" into a person and listen to their thoughts, not so hard to believe once you realize that everyone can easily be tied to something similar to a phone number or an I.P. address. This is also what they talk about in the movie Gamer. Meaning, they can listen to your thoughts through an earpiece or a pair of headphones they are wearing, or on a phone app. Just like a radio station. Once they have the technology inside your body, they can look out your eyes, (see this old clip of a scientist looking out of a cat's eyes, what they have now is way more advanced. They can see CLEARLY OUT YOUR EYES NOW.) This is like in the movie Gamer or Surrogates and when you are talking to them....they can EVEN SEE what you are thinking. 

Once you know that everything is light and resonance, (just like it says at the beginning of the book of Genesis,) and that light and sound can be measured --- that means what you are thinking,(photons,) thoughts can be seen, read and sent. If you can think it, you can send it. Just like writing an email with your mind. Once they can decode your EEG it doesn't take much more effort for them to use augmented cognitionaugmented reality and holography (like in the videos below,) so they can see what you are thinking. (See here, where the physicist Dr. John Morgan says 2 minutes and 10 seconds into the video, that all natural things emit radio waves. See this video here for how Michio Kaku admits the brain radiates radio. Also, watch this video with Michael Persinger where he talks about how light and photons can be measured.)

Sound nuts? When this technology is finally revealed people will see I am telling the is real. Now you know why we live in a caste society with a bunch of low life (mostly Jewish) intelligence agents and organized crime psychos dancing on our heads. They are all pedophiles because they can look into your house and look out the eyes of children. THEY ARE ALL 
VOYEURS! They have access to almost everything they want. Just as a thought experiment, you already know that Google earth can see into your backyard or see your house, that technology is ancient and was sold to Google by the CIA. In May 25, 2007, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell authorized the National Applications Office (NAO) of the Department of Homeland Security to allow local, state, and domestic Federal agencies to access imagery from military intelligence Reconnaissance satellites and Reconnaissance aircraft sensors which can now be used to observe the activities of U.S. citizens. The satellites and aircraft sensors will be able to detect chemical traces, and identify objects in buildings and "underground bunkers", and will provide real-time video at much higher resolutions than the still images produced by programs such as Google Earth. 

But that is not the worst of it. Right now there are mini nanotechnology cameras floating around everywhere. (See here for a quick introduction.)  There could also be a bunch of people acting like your friends who are really spies and know all of this. They could have access to your brain and your house. They could be watching you, your family or your kids. EVEN WORSE, IT COULD BE A FAMILY MEMBER OR YOUR SPOUSE! They will not tell you the truth because they are compulsive lying weasels. They are trained to lie. YES, IT IS CREEPY AS HELL. It is absolutely amazing that our governments and the media are covering this up from the population and guess what? WE PAY FOR IT! This is what our tax dollars go to in the intelligence agencies. 

Think of all the people using Google or who are on Facebook and Twitter. Now you know one way they can find people. If you are an interesting person, smart or attractive, there is probably someone watching you. See here and here for counterintelligence against political dissidents. 

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