Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Video Examples About Psychopaths In High Places In Our Society

The videos below provide more examples of what I said here. These are only a few examples, they are all over the place. For more articles on this topic, see here. (There is quite a few articles there. Be sure to scroll down and go through them all.) Also see here, here and here. See here for past examples of blood libel, this is all 100% real. They will never, ever talk about this. It is happening right now in our countries.

Though no one wants to talk about it, it is all 100% connected to Zionism, Israel, and Freemasonry. People have to understand that Freemasonry connects to the intelligence agencies and it is all about Israel. Like I said before, the Stasi flag of East Germany is similar to Israel and the Masonic sign.  It also goes right up to the Royal families and into the British Intelligence too.  (See here and here.) 

You will see them talk about Freemasonry in the video below, but very rarely --- if ever, will they say how many of these people are Jews. They are highly over-represented in the 1% of our society. (See herehereherehere and here for more about the 1%.) It is something that must be addressed because they are the ones with the most political and economic power. They are also over-represented in banking and intelligence agencies, and in being so, have unreal control of the drug trade and organized crime.  

Remember, the New Testament is about the human sacrifice, the Old Testament does not advocate human sacrifice, God is outlawing it. That being said, when the Israelite's are going through trying times or tribulation, or when their societies are full of corruption, they actively participate in human sacrifice. It is one of the charges leveled at the Israelite's by the Prophets.

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