Thursday, January 24, 2019

'Couple Harassed with Organized Stalking Noise Harassment Campaign'

See here for another MUST SEE video on this topic.

Notice in the video below how even members of the police, fire department and as I say here, nurses are involved. This is how screwed up these pieces of crap really are. They are complete psychopaths. My situation is because of sick, screwed up people that are connected to organized crime, intelligence agencies, Hollywood, Wall Street and Silicon Valley that has filtered down into the community level. My targeting is 100% Zionist based.

That is not to say that "all Jews" are involved, nor that it is only Jews doing this, but... that is the truth of what is happening to me. See here for Homeland Security and its links to Zionism. I also must stress, this targeting started before I began posting anything about what I knew. Meaning, the targeting got worse when I started posting information, but, they were doing this to me before I posted anything. This is a part of counter-intelligence with collaboration in the private sector and organized crime. See here for more information about how the RCMP and CSIS are involved with this. This is what they do. See here for intelligence tactics and here for classified technology.  See here for a free e-book about organized stalking that is being perpetrated by government agencies.

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