Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Connections That Got Epstein Killed Or Why He Was Told To Go Hide -- Or Sorry, Why He Killed Himself

Scroll Down To See Pictures About
the Connections of Epstein!

See here for an article I wrote about this a while back. Also see here for more about PizzaGate and here for more about John Podesta. The one connection I disagree with in the chart below is the Mike Cernovich connection. Yes, he is a piece of trash lying Zionist scumbag from Hell...


PizzaGate was never discredited. They are all pieces of crap. Mike Cernovich is just trying to be some sort of savior when he is a Zionist weasel that lies by omission. (See here for more about Mr. Cernovich.) This is like all the popular alternative media losers. See here and here for a complete list of these scumbags. They are Judas Goats, (see here for more about Judas Goats.) They are gatekeepers. They attract people to the truth like fly papers or fly lights.

THEY ARE BEHIND ALL THE POPULAR ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. It is being funded by your tax dollars! This is the truth. These sick "alternative media" psychos are collecting money from law enforcement and intelligence agencies, it is counter intelligence. This is Biblical, they are "laying snares," and traps. This is how corrupt the United States really is, it is run by Jewish organized crime. This is what they do. If they are not talking about classified technology, organized stalking and Zionism, they are a liars. Remember, Jesus says they are children of the Devil.  The Devil is a liar, and so are they. These people run the world, it is simple as that. They are the synagogue of Satan. 

Scroll down the page to see and read all of the information. First off, Epstein knew Trump and Clinton. Clinton had flown on his plane 27 times. Don't be fooled, Trump is very good friends with the Clinton's. One of Epstein's lawyers was also Alan Dershowitz. Realize that this is a blackmail ring that connects to Israel. This is no different than what Trump's mentor Roy Cohn, used to do.

Mr. Cohn was a gay Jewish lawyer with connection to the Jewish mob. Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of Epstein for numerous years was connected to the Israeli Mossad. In fact, her father is the famous "super-spy" Robert Maxwell. Here is a book about him. Now, look at this quote from  Donald Trump:

Next, watch this video clip from former Mayor Giuliani, even he can't believe it.... he says "it's impossible"

Now let us see some interesting connections between these people,  scroll down and click on pictures to expand: 

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6

Jeff Epstein special little place on his Lolita island. It was
 a Cube, it is worn on the Jews arm. See the Israeli flag colours?  Same as their tallit colours

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