Monday, June 12, 2017

EVERYTHING You Do Online Is Recorded In XKeyscore

Unfortunately, it is even worse than what Snowden says because they have access to your brain and body. This is why Snowden is a phony, he is a liar by omission as I say here. He is also if you can believe it, a character from a book and a movie! It is almost like these lying Zionist pieces of trash are throwing it in your face and laughing at you. They want to see if you are awake to their lies. Like I said before, no real spy is going to get interviewed by a major media outlet like NBC and Brian Williams, no real spy will be interviewed by a comedian named John Oliver.

That being said, the Snowden revelations still have some useful information. Watch the videos below for more about XKeyscore. See past posts about this issue here and here. For more about Echelon see here. For more about the Communications Security Establishment, which is the Canadian version of the NSA, see here and here.

See here for more about nanotechnology and the brain. See here for the DARPA Control Grid. See here for a collection of videos about artificial intelligence and big data and how it's being used by intelligence agency supercomputers to enslave you. See here for a more complete list of articles and videos about classified technology. See here for more about Raytheon BBN Technologies. They have been involved with the intelligence agencies right from the beginning, they literally were involved in the creation of the internet. See here and here for more about Transhumanism and its connections to eugenics and political control.

It is very important to remember that at least 50% of the intelligence budget is being outsourced to what is known as "private" intelligence agencies who contract for the government. To learn more about this, see here. To learn more about front businesses, see here. To learn more about front organizations such as NGO's and "Human Rights Organizations" see here.

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