Monday, May 8, 2017

A List Of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs That Needs to Be Seen For What They Really Are --- Liars

See the Pictures Below!

Every single one of the individuals below knows about the classified and hi-technology on my blog. (See here and here for more about classified technology. See this video from a person from Silicon Valley talking about technology that many people do not know about. See here for more about former U.S. Representative from Ohio and candidate for the President of the United States Dennis Kucinich's attempted ban of space-based weapons.)

This makes them traitors to their country. They are greedy scumbags who need to be shown out for what they are... LIARS. There are tons of smart people that can do what these people are doing. What makes the individuals that are below unique is their level of corruption and how they have sold their souls to the powers of this world. They are working with intelligence agencies, they would not be in the positions they are if they didn't. The reality is, there has always been a close relationship with Silicon Valley and the Intelligence  Agencies. ( See here and here for more about this.) Facebook is a Zionist Stasi apparatus, people don't understand what these people are doing. (See here for more about dealing with Zionists.)

Some of the individuals below are also heavily associated with the Transhumanist movement. Transhumanism is literally being pushed by some of the biggest Silicon Valley companies, especially Google. (See hereherehere and here.)  They know what Transhumanism is, its connections to eugenics ---- and how it is being implemented on humanity without the public knowing.  See here and here for the connections between Transhumanism and Judaism. See here for some introductory videos about Transhumanism. See here for the Transhumanist category on my sure to go through all of the articles. The other industry that some people below are involved in is drugs --- especially marijuana As any informed individual knows, the CIA has always been involved with drugs and organized crime. It is not a coincidence that this piece of crap had the forward written for his book by the ex-CEO of Twitter. James Altucher has connections with Jewish organized crime, intelligence agencies, Wall Street and Silicon Valley. See here for more about Homeland Security, torture, political prisoners, classified technology and drug dealers. 

Here you can see the connections between the drugs, organized crime, Silicon Valley, intelligence agencies and stalking losers in my local area. As this and this shows, Silicon Valley has always had close connections to the intelligence industry. 

For the most part, but not always.... you will often find that most of the people that are engaging in stalking and using classified technology are Zionists
(Jews or Gentiles, mostly Jews that are supporters of Israel.) Why? Well, one of the reasons is because it's literally a part of Homeland Security. See here for more about how fighting "GLOBAL Antisemitism" is a part of American foreign policy. See here and here for the Jewish hand behind the internet. See here for how Israel backdoored everything. None of the individuals below seem to think it matters that a bunch of people are being tortured with microwave weapons and their brains are being beamed out like a live radio station to a bunch of stalking psychopaths. (See here for more about Mark Zuckerberg talking about synthetic telepathy, see here for more about Facebook and typing with your thoughts.) 

This is exactly what is happening, this is not an overstatement at all. THIS IS WHAT THE MEDIA IS COVERING UP. Ultimately, it is Jewish organized crime that is behind thisThey think they can get away with this. This is how these sick assholes get off, torturing people and watching it like a reality TV showA good example of this is shown in the movie "the Circle." But, it is actually much, much worse because the technology is more advanced and dangerous. They can get nanotechnology inside your body and transmit microwaves right into you. They can literally control the minds of people. In fact, mind control was already possible in the 60's with microwaves. A good example is the Jose Delgado experiments with the bull, also see this clip from CNN from the 80's and this old newspaper article from the New York Times. This technology is extremely advanced now. See here for a list.

This is how sad countries like the United States and Canada have become, it is absolutely sickening and pathetic. This is the modern day Stasi Octopus, it starts at the top with the intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley and works its way down. It involves everyone from businessmen and women, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, government employees, trades personnel, (for example; like pest control or property management,) law enforcement, drug dealers, writers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, actors, sports figures, priests and religious leaders, addiction recovery groups, university professors, waiters and hotel personnel. This is exactly what it was like in East Germany. There isn't one group they didn't infiltrate. Now your society has become just as sad, our countries have turned into Stasi nightmares. 

Sergey Brin- Jewish
Larry Page- Jewish
Mark Zuckerberg-Jewish
Lary Ellison-Jewish

Bill Gates

Marissa Meyer-Jewish

Peter Thiel-Jewish

Jeff Bezos-Jewish

Elon Musk-Jewish
Tim Cook-Jewish

Marc Andreessen-Jewish

Jack Dorsey- 

Jeff Weiner-Jewish

Sean Parker
Managing Partner at The Founders Fund

Jimmy Wales-Jewish

Scott Heiferman-Jewish

Jeremy Stoppleman-Jewish

Michael Dell-Jewish

Adam D'Angelo-Jewish

Mark Cuban-Jewish

Chris Hughes
New Republic
Co-Founder of Facebook

Dustin Moskovitz-Jewish
Co-Founder of Facebook

Eduardo Saverin-Jewish
Co-founder of Facebook

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