Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some Tips For People Being Stalked And Harassed By Intelligence Agencies

Besides the videos below: See classified technology ---- learn intelligence tactics ---learn how they discredit someone with hi-technology. All of these are Zersetzung tactics from the Stasi in East Germany, make sure to look at Zersetzung under the "learn intelligence tactics" link above. Also, see here to learn about Gaslighting and how it is utilized by intelligence agencies. See here for Gaslighting Part 2, what intelligence and informant stalkers participate in. See here for more about anchoring techniques used by stalking agents. See here to learn the psychology of torture and abuse. See here for more about torture and trauma bonding. See here for a free downloadable book about Stasi and Counter Intelligence tactics. 

See here for how the FBI memo labels patriots, truth-seekers as potential 'terrorists.' See here for the 72 types of Americans that are considered “potential terrorists” in official government documents. 

Once they find you, they have you under surveillance all of the time, it is called Remote Neural Monitoring. Once you see the connections between organized crime and drugs, banks, the media, corporate conglomerates, intelligence agencies and the police, you'll see what is really happening in our countries.

Organized Stalking Survival--Part 1

Organized Stalking Survival--Part 2

Organized Stalking Survival--Part 3

Organized Stalking Survival-Part 3.5

Organized Stalking Survival-Part 4

Organized Stalking Survival--Part5/final

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