Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Corruption of the RCMP and How They Work With Organized Crime

In addition to the following article, please see here and here about the ADL, how it works with the RCMP and the FBI, and its ties to organized crime. See here for the strong Jewish organized crime presence in Canada, see here for the Zionist takeover of Canada. See here and here for previous articles regarding the little known nor talked about topic of Jewish organized crime.


Some of the RCMP  are using classified technology.  (See enumerated previous posts below this article regarding the RCMP, CSIS, and the CSE.) These corrupt RCMP officers work with organized crime, CSIS and the CSE. They know how drugs get in and out of the country at the top of these organizations. It's a complete joke. See this post about the CIA's connections with drugs. Do you think it is any different in Canada?

Organized Crime is running Canada. It's 100% true.

It is Zionism at the very top of the RCMP.  CSIS was formed in 1984 under the supervision of the influential Zionist Bob Kaplan when the intelligence was taken away from the RCMP. This was part of the strategy, this way they could feed the "intelligence" to the RCMP and provide their ideas of terrorism to them. This was around the same time as the Ernst Zundel trial and when Reagan was in power in the United States. Reagan came to power with the help of organized crime. (See herehere and here.) These same powers were and are in control of Canada, (also see here and here.) Did you know that Canada is currently trying to wrestle power away from Zionist bankers over at the Bank of Canada? See here for the secrets of banking and learning about the money changers. 

As far as Ernst Zundel, it doesn't matter if he was right or not, what matters is; 1.) That such a thing even had to go to trial to begin with 2.) How he was treated when going up to the courthouse. I have never seen any criminal in Canada get attacked like him while going into court. Think about that... with all the heinous crimes and criminals we have had in this country. NEVER! In fact, I have never seen anything like that in any country. It just goes to show you how powerful these people are and how controversial this topic is. It was like the Manson trial of Canada.

Now, see here for the origins of Homeland Security. See here for a collection of tweets about Homeland Security and its connections to Zionism. See here for the strong connections between Israel, Canada, and the United States. See here for the Canada-Israel “Public Security” Agreement for Counter-Terrorism & Homeland security. See here for how the Canadian government is cracking down on criticism of Israel. 

These powerful interests are running the country and feeding you a false perception of your country and the world through the media.  Ask yourself one question, why is the media not talking about any of the info on my blog?


This is such important information it can change the way you look at your country and the world. Why won't they say anything?  It is because these are the real people that control your country and they have taken away your rights with Bill C-51, just like the Patriot Act and the NDAA have accomplished in the United States.

Imagine if you really knew the truth of your government and how much they are lying to you. We Canadians should be doing something about this NOW.

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