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RCMP Targets Muslim Extremists, But Gives Zionist Terrorists Free Pass

Introductory Note: I did not write the article below, all I want to say beforehand is how bad Canada really is when it comes to this topic.  It is worse than what this article is saying! I personally believe that extremist Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians are the driving force behind taking our rights away in Canada and the United States. They are the driving force behind  Bill C-51, the Patriot Act, the NDAA and Homeland Security.  You can see for yourself that the JDL is listed as a terrorist organization. See also hereBUT NOT IN CANADA. In fact, they were asked to be a part of Stephen Harper's entourage.

This is nothing new. just look at the Ernst Zundel trial. Now, remember, it doesn't matter if Ernst Zundel was right or not, what matters is; 1.) That such a thing even had to go to trial to begin with 2.) How he was treated when going up to the court house. I have never seen any criminal in Canada get attacked like him while going into court. Think about that... with all the heinous crimes and criminals we have had in this country. NEVER! In fact, I have never seen anything like that in any country. It just goes to show you how powerful these people are and how controversial this topic is. It was like the Manson trial of Canada.


Non-Aligned Media
Sept. 3, 2014

CBC News has reported that the RCMP, Canada’s equivalent of the FBI, has in the works a new program designed “to stop Canadians from becoming radicalized by violent ideologies.”

“As of early 2014, about 130 people with Canadian connections were believed to be in countries such as Syria, Somalia and Afghanistan participating in terrorism-related activities,” reports CBC.

The RCMP is allegedly establishing a Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program “to stop Canadians at risk of being radicalized.”

The CBC report further noted that “[an anti-terrorism] law passed in 2013 […] made it illegal to leave or attempt to leave the country to commit certain terrorism-related offences.”

Well then, will those Canadians who espouse the ideology of Zionism — an incredibly violent, narcissistic and racist ideology that seeks the ethnic replacement of Palestinian Arabs with Jews — and who endeavour to join Israel’s military to participate in brutal war crimes, including the indiscriminate slaughter of small children as they play soccer on the beach, be considered as prime subjects for this new RCMP program to counter radicalism among Canadians?

What could be more radical than to want to join a foreign army that has one of the worst human rights records of any modern state and daily commits terrorism against a virtually defenseless, captive population? What could be more extreme than wanting to travel half-way across the world to spray bullets at civilians in Gaza and drop bombs on hospitals, schools, apartment blocks, etc.?

In a recent article entitled “Supporting ‘terror tourism’ to Israel gets Canadian tax credits,” writer Yves Engler explains how hundreds of Canadian Jews fight in the Israeli military. Engler documents how Canadian charities established by Zionists are freely allowed to financially sponsor young Canadian Jews who wish to join the IDF and fight in Israel’s bloody conquests.

“The double standard is extreme. It is illegal for Somali Canadians to fight in that country but it is okay for Canadian Jews to kill Palestinians in Gaza. And the government will give you a charitable tax credit if you give them money to support it,” says Engler.

What could explain such lavish privilege afforded to Canadian Jews who commit terrorism abroad and then return to Canada to enrich our society with their self-righteous zealotry and demented hubris?

Has Canada become nothing more than a de facto slave colony of the Jewish State?

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