Sunday, August 9, 2015

Video Examples of Augmented Cognition

Below are three videos about Augmented Cognition. The last video is a TedTalk that provides more detail by using chess as an example. You will see at the beginning of the first video that they don't shy away from showing its Eugenics roots. The example below shows a group of people wearing headsets, but, realize that the same thing could be done with a group of people hooked up to a single targeted person and that targeted person could have nanotechnology inside their brain and they wouldn't even know it. The nanotechnology could also be connected to a supercomputer and artificial intelligence at the NSA and Google. For example, if hooked up to Google, over time the artificial intelligence would train off of your brain and offer you videos at YouTube on what you did during the day.  This is very similar to what happens at from your search habits. You could also influence that person's behavior using synthetic telepathy. THIS IS ALL POSSIBLE NOW! 

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