Saturday, August 1, 2015

Study of Bioethical Issues Before the Presidential Commission

Before viewing the videos below, please watch the videos I posted on Presidential Bioethics Commission and the other Richmond Counsel Meeting Resolution for the Space Preservation Act. Also, check out this post with the Canadian Psychiatrist and this post about Domestic Terrorism; Silent Rape and Murder with Brain Chips, Nanotechnology, and Psychotronics. In the videos featured below, here is the lady that is listening to the testimonies. I have no doubt she knows that what most of these people are saying is true. The universities are involved in this coverup also. They are working with the Intelligence Agencies and the Military. This is the often covered up part about the Unabomber. Please see this video for more information about the link between the Unabomber and computers, the military, the intelligence community, the universities, and the aerospace industry.

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