Thursday, January 10, 2019

RCMP Is Deleting Comments From Their Facebook Account

See Screenshot Below!

Once again, the RCMP is scared of the truth. The comment below was made on the RCMP Facebook account. See this past post where they did the exact same thing. Who is looking to cover up the truth from you? Is it me? No, it is them. Who deletes these posts? It is either the RCMP, the Canadian intelligence agencies, (CSIS or CSE,) or Facebook.

Here's the links the RCMP deleted:

1. MUST SEE: Learn more about classified technology

2. See here for the FBI talking about some of this technology

3. See here for organized stalking counter intelligence tactics that some of them are perpetrating on political dissidents

4. See here for more about the ADL, an organization that the RCMP and CSIS work closely with 

5. See here for more from Thomas Jefferson about freedom of the press

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