Monday, June 5, 2017

Organized Stalking and its Connection to Zionist Interests

See here for more about Homeland Security and its connections to Zionism. See here for the Zionist takeover of Canada. For more information about the DARPA control grid, see here. For more about Echelon and surveillance, see here. See here for more information about the world's smallest robots. See here for more about DARPA brain implants and human guinea pigs. In many cases, they use brain-computer interfaces and nanotechnology. See here for more about organized stalking and satellite terrorism.

See here for more about artificial intelligence and big data and how it is being used by intelligence agencies to enslave us. See here for more about microwave weaponry. See here for more about electromagnetic weapons and brain-chips. See here for more about intelligence agency tactics and organized stalking. See here and here for more about the RCMP and how they work with the Anti-Defamation League (an organization that was literally started by Jewish organized crime.)

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