Friday, September 2, 2016

James Altucher: Zionist Psycho Intelligence Agent

Look at this pathetic lying piece of garbage... he literally says "I'm devoted to honesty, as corny as that sounds." It does sound corny because you are a lying psychopathic Zionist terrorist. See below for more information....

The man in the picture above and below poses as some sort of self-help author, but, the truth is that he works for intelligence and he knows about all the technology and the stalking techniques on my site. He is participating in a Stasi-style take down of the United States and Canada. Not only that, he literally makes fun of people while he is torturing them. HE IS A LYING PSYCHOPATH. He is not the only one, and I will be outing others in the future. 

His name is James Altucher, and his website is This was a previous post I made about him and some other people that are involved in intelligence. Of course, not one of them took me up on the offer because they won't talk about this topic. I wonder why? The reason is quite simple, it's because they are privileged lying psychopaths. It isn't a coincidence that James podcasts from the scamming Porter Stanberry radio network. (See here, here, and here for more about this.) 

Here's another post about James when he talks about surveillance and his "code of ethics.

People like James Altucher are wolves in sheep's clothing. He is a lying psychopathic scumbag who is friends with some of the worst people on the face of the earth. NO... not the ones he talks about or interviews on his website, I'm talking about the scum that the media and James hide from you, see more about them here and here

These pieces of crap run the media so you will never hear about them. Besides James Altucher's connections to Jewish organized crime, intelligence agencies, and Wall Street--- he also knows people in Hollywood as he used to work with HBO. Plus, there is Silicon Valley with its strong connections to intelligence which leads to him knowing people in Silicon Valley. The person who wrote the forward for James Altucher's book was the former CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo.

I don't care about these people or the intelligence industry ---- they are human waste. Everything on this site is true .... and they know it. It's time for the American and Canadian people to start standing up to the organized crime pieces of garbage that are ruining our countries. 

These psychopaths are literally subsidizing their criminality with our tax dollars by taking our money and enslaving us with classified technology. Some have connections with the Five Eyes or the Israeli Unit 8200, others get contracts with the intelligence agencies like the CIA because over 50% of intelligence is now being outsourced (don't forget, you pay for all of this,) and they use this classified technology for their private means. They steal intellectual property and ruin the lives of those who they see as a threat.

I cannot believe the passivity of the public, they will riot over sporting events but they won't get upset over the information on this blog.  People should be rioting, they should think about doing tax revolts. Organized crime are running your governments and they are liars that need to be put in their place. Take back your governments!


James Altucher

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