Saturday, July 30, 2016

CIA Mind Control Techniques MKULTRA Program Brainwashing

Below you will see a video about project MKULTRA. Here is a quote from about the minute mark into the beginning of the documentary:

"In this anything goes atmosphere, Donavan appointed this man, Stanley Lovell, a Boston industrialist, to break new ground in many scientific and technical fields, Donavan called Lovell his Dr. Moriarty, after the fiendish professor in Sherlock Holmes. Lovell liked the name and posed for this Saturday Evening Post photo. He later wrote of his OSS job, it was quote "to stimulate the Peck's Bad Boy beneath every American scientist, and to say to him, throw all of your normal law-abiding concepts out of the window, here is a chance to raise Merry hell. It was in this atmosphere that the search for mind control began. "

You will see that they mostly only talk about the use of drugs. The truth of the matter is, the real secret of intelligence and the big secret of MKULTRA has always been mind control with electronics. They used to even mention this on Wikipedia's write-up about MKULTRA. They have now taken it down, (after I started talking about it,) but, I put up the old one here.  In any event, you can see that the CIA was involved with drugs right from the beginning. This is why so many drug dealers work with them. The CIA is essentially a protected class of business people and criminals with connections to banking, the universities, the entertainment industry, (Hollywood, music, and porn) the military, and Silicon Valley.  

Another good documentary to watch is this one. It describes more about the Unabomber and the links between the internet, computers, the military, the intelligence community, the universities, and the aerospace industry. See here for more about BBN technologies, which is a division of Raytheon. It might also be beneficial to watch this. It provides information about the potential problems of technology and the connections with the Unabomber. It talks more about a certain philosopher that was a major influence on Ted Kaczynski. I have also provided additional links below the video for further investigation.

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