Friday, January 8, 2016

How to Discredit And Slander Someone With High Technology Video and Picture Editing

This is an absolute MUST SEE. Intelligence agencies have had this technology for a while. See herehere, here, and here for articles about how you can use a computer program to control someone else’s face.

Quote from one of the articles: "While it looks like a bit of fun, once technology like this makes it out to the masses, it has the potential to change everything. We can no longer trust the validity of any image put in front of us, and pretty soon, every clip of a world leader speaking will be up for debate too." 

They have the technology to record someone's voice, (they only need a few seconds over your voice,) and put it into a complete video. You can see what is said here and here about what is happening.

Also, they have the ability to add people into pictures that they never photographed, a good example of something they can do is exactly like what is done in these pictures of Scarlett Johansson. It must be remembered that intelligence agencies have access to the highest technology on the planet. They have access to the same level of technology that the highest budget movies in Hollywood use. They are in the business of manipulation, that is what they do.

Intelligence agencies, under the new Homeland Security laws that passed September 11, 2001 --- are isolating political dissidents and stalking, harassing and slandering them. They are using technology that can read the targeted individual's thoughts, influence their behavior and injure them. You can see these videos about how they are using divide and conquer techniques and selective editing of media that they are recording.

The Stasi was known for all of these techniques. The idea was for the slandering to always be done behind the person's back with the hope that it would never get back to the target. See here for a full list of Stasi techniques intelligence agencies practice. See here for more about torture, slander and organized stalking. Also, see here for how covert agents infiltrate the internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations.

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