Thursday, June 18, 2015

Who Really Makes Up the 1%?

If we are to understand racial inequality in America, we must understand the racial/ethnic composition of America’s richest citizens. Unfortunately, the media rarely investigates who the 1% of richest Americans are, and when this exclusive group is mentioned it’s in vague and misleading terms. The media claims that “white” people comprise almost the entirety of the 1%, which is nothing more than a racist attempt to vilify caucasian Americans of European descent. To blame those who are being discriminated against for discrimination is a tactic so perverse not even the Ku Klux Klan has dared try it.
US Billionaires By RaceRacial Percentages In USWhile whites of European descent do comprise a slight majority of America’s billionaires, they are actually heavily underrepresented in proportion to their percentage of the population. As the graphs above illustrate, Jews comprise 2.1% of the population, but yet 36% of the billionaires. Whites comprise 70.3%* of the population, but yet only 58.25% of the billionaires. Blacks comprise 12.4% of the population, but only .25% of the billionaires. Asians comprise 4.8% of the population, but only 3% of the billionaires. The chart Racial Representation Of US Billionaires below shows the exact magnitude of Jewish overrepresentation among the elite, and the underrepresentation of other races. Jews are 17.14 times overrepresented while whites and Asians are 1.21 and 1.6 times underrepresented, respectively, and blacks are a shocking 49.6 times underrepresented.
Race of US BillionairesThe New York Times states that 82% of the one percent of richest Americans are white (includes Jews), while Asians account for 7%, and another source states that blacks account for 1.4%.
Race of 1% Richest AmericansSince 10.25%** of all of America’s millionaires are Jewish, as well as 36% of the billionaires***, the number of Jews in the 1% has to be somewhere in between. A conservative estimate of 21% will be used for this analysis.
Given this estimation, Jews are 10 times overrepresented among the richest 1%, while whites are 1.15 times underrepresented, Asians 1.46 times overrepresented, and blacks 8.9 times underrepresented.
racial-representation-of-1-PercentBy looking at the charts, one can see that whites aren’t really that rich at all, and they certainly aren’t overrepresented among the ranks of the ultra wealthy Americans. So why would the media perpetuate the racist stereotype that caucasians of European descent are rich and powerful? There is no question that the media is predominately managed and owned by Jewish Americans, and this very well may influence the way the 1% are characterized in the press. But then why don’t Ivy league Universities produce studies on Jewish overrepresentation and racial discrimination which would expose this fact and thereby help to end the myth of white European wealth/power? Once again, Jewish overrepresentation is the most likely answer. Eighty percentof the top Ivy League administrators are either Jewish or married to Jews. And these administrators admit Jewish students at between a 7-15 times overrepresented rate to their proportion of the population. Professor Kevin McDonald concludes, “These data strongly suggest that Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities has nothing to do with IQ but with discrimination against non-Jewish White Americans.”
The richest one percent’s wealth is growing dramatically, but that growth is not evenly distributed. Almost all of this growth has been limited to the Jewish community, who comprised 23% of Forbes’ billionaires in 1987, and now accounts for 36% of the list, despite seeing very little population growth.
It should also be noted that it is statistically impossible for white European discrimination to be the cause of the underrepresentation of blacks and other races among the wealthy elite, as is often alleged in the media. But what is quite likely is that Jewish tribalism and nepotism have caused the meteoric rise of the Jewish community at the expense of other races. Shockingly, similar statistics of Jewish overrepresentation are taking place in almost every field of significance in America, including financemediaprofessional sports, Supreme Court, and government. If one were to subtract Jews from the white column, he would find that caucasians of European descent are actually grossly underrepresented in all of these fields, but yet blamed for discrimination and overrepresentation that doesn’t really exist. When the Occupy Wall Street movement began to uncover these facts and protest the inequality and growing power of the 1%, they were labeled anti-Semitic by Jewish groups such as the Emergency Committee for Israel and the mainstream media, and subsequently crushed by rogue mayors like Michael Bloomberg.
If the media and elite academia claim that all races have equal intelligence, then how can these dramatic racial disparities be attributed to IQ? And if it is education, as many Jewish leaders claim, then why aren’t Asians similarly represented in wealth and positions of influence? Asian Americans outnumber Jewish Americans and have similar education statistics, but yet are barely overrepresented among the 1% of wealthiest Americans and underrepresented among the most important category of wealth, the billionaires.
*This figure includes Hispanics (as per the US Census methodology), but excludes Jews.
**18% of Jewish households in the US have a net worth of $1 million or more. 6,588,065 American Jews in2,900,000 households x 18%= 522,000/5,100,000 total US millionaire households= 10.23% of all American millionaires are Jewish.
***This site breaks down the ethnic origins of all of the Forbes 400. And this Jewish newspaper confirms these numbers.

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