Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Playing God Documentary

Below you will find a BBC documentary. At the 11 minute mark and on, you will see how they can do something similar with nanotechnology.

Once you learn about this technology and the other information I'm talking about here and here, you'll understand why there are so many "Zombie" movies and TV shows. Imagine catching a virus or a bacteria that turns you into semi-robot where people have access to your brain! You'll also understand why REALITY TV shows like "Big Brother" exist. The "REALITY TV" show Big Brother, which features a bunch of people in a house under constant surveillance, who are scheming and selling each other out because that is what you do in a Stasi surveillance society. The name "Big Brother" comes from the George Orwell's famous book 1984.

They are trying to show you the real world you live in. Well, not directly... they are playing with you. We are living in a society that is more technologically advanced than George Orwell's 1984.

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