Monday, November 28, 2016

The Connection Between Jews, Israel, Freemasonry, the Stasi and Organized Stalking

There are strong connections between Freemasonry and the state of Israel. Most people don't know there are strong connections between Jews, Israel, Freemasonry, Homeland Security, organized stalking, the Stasi and the Cheka. See here for more about this. 

Jews played a leading role in the development of Bolshevism and the Cheka.  The Stasi called themselves proud "Chekists," once again, emphasizing the connections to Bolshevism and the Cheka. (To learn more about the Jewish connections to this, see hereherehere, hereherehere and here.) 

They have also played a major role in the development of the new Homeland Security laws. See here for a collection of links regarding Homeland Security. 

See this post about classified technology that allows them to stalk, harass and torture you remotely, see here for the techniques they use when they find out where you are and who you are. 

The reality is, this is a part of COINTELPRO from the FBI. Now, guess who was a Freemason? None other than J. Edgar Hoover. You don't think the same ideas aren't running the RCMP or the Police in England that have the Masonic checkerboard on their hats? As I said before, Israel is everything. It is the most important place on the map. 

Don't let anyone fool you, this is what runs this world. Can you see the similarities of the Stasi flag, the Israeli flag, and the Freemasonry sign below? 

Image result for flag of israel

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