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Examples of Counter Intelligence Infiltration - This is Still Going on Today on the Left and the Right

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What follows are a handful of capsule descriptions of some more notable instances of the COINTELPRO-style tactics of the FBI and its longtime ally, the Anti-Defamation League.

I’ve also thown in an intriguing case of one FBI snitch who also did some work for the CIA—and there are more than a few of those type characters operating today. This list is by no means complete, but these are good examples that demonstrate how insidious The Judas Goats—who are the enemy within... truly are.

The ADL’s Favorite Jewish “Nazi”

One of the most outspoken and outrageous American “right wing extremists” of the late 1970s and early 1980s was a ubiquitous figure once known as “Jimmy Anderson.” Garbed in Nazi uniforms and Klan regalia, “Anderson” became a familiar figure in racial hotspots in the New York and New Jersey area, popularly known as an official of the Queens, New York chapter of the Christian Defense League. “Anderson” was continually attempting to stir up violence in one form or another and, on one occasion,was calling for the bombing of a New Jersey office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

On Dec. 7, 1981 Anderson was featured in a television documentary broadcast over WCCO TV in Minneapolis, entitled “Armies of the Right.”And, as per usual,“Anderson”was the most provocative of the “right wing extremists” featured, making violent, racist remarks. Quite a character indeed.

However, the truth is that “Anderson” was really a New York Jewish boy named James Mitchell Rosenberg who had spent some time in Israel as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces and who—upon his return from Israel—went to work as an undercover informant for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith.

Ultimately, of course, his “cover” was exposed and the ADL’s “Nazi” was unmasked. Although Rosenberg seems to have faded from the scene, so far as anyone knows, he did cut quite a figure “on the right” during his years as an ADL undercover informant.

But the fact remains that there are—to this day—many Americans who recall “Jimmy Anderson” as a “violent neo-Nazi working to stir up racial turmoil in America.”What they don’t know is that he was a Judas Goat—an Enemy Within—working for the ADL.

Another of the ADL’s Jewish “Nazis”

But don’t think that Jimmy Rosenberg was the only “nice Jewish boy” posing as a “hater” and causing trouble. In 1979 young Mordechai Levy, an ADL informant who was also a member of the terroristic Jewish Defense League (JDL), adopted the moniker “James Guttman” and applied for a permit to organize a “white power”demonstration in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia that would feature American Nazi and Ku Klux Klan members.

Levy announced that he was a “coordinator” for a neo-Nazi organization and made strenuous efforts to invite Philadelphia and New Jersey branches of the Ku Klux Klan to participate. (In the meantime, the aforementioned ADL informant, Jimmy Rosenberg, just happened to be a key ADL operative inside the New Jersey KKK affiliate!)

To make matters all the more interesting, Mordechai Levy’s pals at the JDL were planning a “counter rally” against the “white power” rally organized by their own man Levy. So while the major media in the Philadelphia area and the Anti-Defamation League were raising a hue and cry about “the rise of Nazism in America,” in news reports about the affair, the whole business was actually the work of two longtime ADL operatives. And to make it even more interesting is the fact that, for years, the ADL had officially and publicly “condemned” the JDL, even as the JDL was effectively functioning as the ADL’s terrorist arm, attacking—even wounding and killing—targets of the ADL’s wrath. But, of course, the ADL was officially “non-violent” and always went to great lengths to denounce the violent activities of its secret operatives.

Labor Snitch Turned CIA Informant:
A Cog in the Scheme to “Get” Lyndon LaRouche

Love him or hate him, Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. has been one of the most controversial and widely publicized so-called “fringe” political figures in America. The founder of the National Caucus of Labor Committees and a bevy of other organizations and publications that have been widely circulated in American dissident circles, LaRouche, not surprisingly,emerged as a major target of the ADL due to his overt opposition to many of the intrigues of the Israeli lobby in America.

After a concerted campaign by the ADL—in league with the CIA and the FBI and a host of other agencies and individuals—LaRouche ultimately ended up spending time in prison on what many, including former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, believe were trumped-up “corruption” charges.

In any event, as part of his defense, LaRouche and his attorneys, not to mention his hard-working associates, began investigating the “deep cover” nature of the “Get LaRouche” campaign and found that, indeed, there were many undercover informants acting COINTELPRO-style against LaRouche. 

One instance, in particular, is quite illustrative. For ten years, it seems,one Ronald Fino,the former president of the Buffalo Laborers Union Local 210, had spied on LaRouche while pretending
to support LaRouche’s efforts. 

It turns out that Fino had been working for years as a government informant on his fellow laborers,
ostensibly reporting back organized crime links to the FBI. However, when the CIA needed a man to get close to the LaRouche organization as an informant, they turned to Fino.

Apparently, Fino started out as a government informant going back to the 1960s when as a student at the State University of New York at Buffalo he worked for the CIA spying on the anti-war movement there.

In any case, as LaRouche and his associates have documented time and time again in numerous books and magazine articles, the fine hands of the CIA and the FBI—not to mention the ADL—have played a major part in the campaign against LaRouche as well as many other political dissidents in America. The Fino case is just one example uncovered by LaRouche.

The FBI’s Man Inside the Skinhead Movement

In the late 1980s, one “Rev.” Joe Allen popped up in Southern California and began to ingratiate himself with so-called “white supremacist” and “skinhead” groups that were becoming prominent
there. He said he was a minister with the Church of the Creator and was quick to start spreading around cash and favors among young white racialist political dissidents. However, one white racialist leader, Tom Metzger, of the White Aryan Resistance,was suspicious of Allen from the beginning and spread the word among his compatriots that Allen was one to be watched. 

Nonetheless, Allen continued his efforts to make himself a prominent force in the white racialist movement. According to a report in The Los Angeles Times: Allen rented a three-bedroom Newport Beach apartment just a few paces off the beach. He also settled into office space in a nearby light industrial area, converting it into what he called a “training center,” installing a whirlpool bath, weightlifting equipment and video cameras. 

Flashing rolls of money and gold jewelry, Allen invited local skinheads to work out for free at his training center, which skinheads say he decorated with Nazi paraphernalia and guns. They say Allen offered hospitality—thick steaks and beer for barbeques—as well as money, including $500 used to bail out two or three young white supremacists in Canada.

Meanwhile, although many did heed Metzger’s warnings about Allen, more than a few young people were snared in Allen’s insidious web. But Metzger and his associates continued to investigate Allen
and—just before they were about to go public and formally blow the whistle and expose Allen—the FBI moved in and moved Allen out, admitting that, yes, in fact,Allen was an informant.

A handful of young men were taken in on trumped-up charges of plotting to incite a race war by attacking a black church and plotting to kill Rodney King, the famed “black motorist” whose beating by police officers had sparked a major national outrage, thanks to the efforts by the “mainstream” media to inflame the black community in Los Angeles, causing riots and all manner of public unrest.Although the young men were convicted,having been railroaded by Allen’s intrigues,the case was clearly another instance of a Judas Goat of the first order causing problems and instigating a so-called “conspiracy” that would have never occurred in the first place had he not been on the scene.


Although we often hear about “KKK violence” what is not so well known is that during the stormy years of the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, some of the worst perpetrators of violence in the name of the Ku Klux Klan were FBI informers inside the Klan. For a brief overview of one of the most notorious FBI informants in the Klan—Gary Thomas Rowe—let us turn to no less than Howell Raines, famed journalist for The New York Times, who reported in the Times, on July 17, 1978:

Inquiries Link Informer for FBI To Major Klan Terrorism in 1960s 

Renewed investigations into the activities of Gary Thomas Rowe, Jr., the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s chief paid informer in the Ku Klux Klan, have produced a portrait of Mr. Rowe as a man who “loved violence” and who could be linked to most major incidents of Klan terrorism that occurred in Alabama while he was on the bureau’s payroll.

While receiving FBI money, Mr. Rowe, by his own account, was directly involved in racial violence beginning with the assault on the Freedom Riders in Birmingham,Ala., in 1961 and extending to the shooting of Viola G. Liuzzo, a participant in the Selma-to-Montgomery march in 1965. Federal pay records introduced in a trial at which Mr. Rowe testified 13 years ago showed that the bureau paid him over $12,000 from 1960 to 1965 for undercover activities that are now the subject of a Justice Department inquiry.

He has also said that the FBI gave him $10,000 more to finance his relocation under a new name.
The New York Times report went on at some length describing other outrages to which Rowe either admitted directly or was otherwise suspected of having been involved in. But four years after the Times report, on October 30, 1982, The San Diego Tribune carried an interesting Associated Press report which added further details to the story.

The report stated: Files Show FBI ‘Covered” For Key Klan Informant The Justice Department has revealed that FBI agents covered up the violent activities of Gary Thomas Rowe Jr., its key informant who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in Alabama in the early 1960s. In a report made public late yesterday, department investigators said the agents protected Rowe because “he was simply too valuable to abandon.”

Alabama authorities later accused Rowe of murder in the 1965 killing of a civil rights worker [Viola Liuzzo], but a federal appeals court barred him from being brought to trial . The report also said; “When agents learned that Rowe had taken part in Klan beatings, they apparently never reported him to local authorities or terminated him as an informant.”

Rowe himself wrote a book entitled My Undercover Years with the Ku Klux Klan and in 2005 the Yale University Press published Professor Gary May’s book on the Rowe affair entitled: The Informant: The FBI, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Murder of Viola Liuzzo.


The John Birch Society’s Beloved Judas Goat in the KKK Delmar Dennis was a Methodist minister in Meridian, Mississippi in the early 1960s who was hailed as a loyal member of the state Ku Klux
Klan. In truth he was an informant for the FBI as part of COINTELPRO, apparently paid some $15,000 over a period of time for his services. At the same time, Dennis was highly active in the John Birch Society, but there was never any evidence (or suggestion) Dennis was informing on
the Birchers as he was on the KKK.

After Dennis was ultimately exposed in 1967 as an FBI “snitch” in the KKK, Dennis nonetheless went on to become a popular speaker on behalf of the John Birch Society which utilized Dennis and his rhetoric to popularize, among some naïve American patriots, the theory that the Ku Klux Klan and its “anti-Semitic” point of view was actually a “communist plot” to stir up racial turmoil in America.

Later, Dr. Edward Fields of The Thunderbolt newspaper, based in Marietta, Georgia,wrote of Dennis and his ties to the John Birch Society and its founder, Robert Welch, who had been an enthusiastic supporter of Dennis. Fields wrote:

This, of course, puts the loyalty of Robert Welch in doubt because his organization seems to have been turned into a refuge for former FBI undercover agents.We must also remember that the organization was named after a CIA agent, John Birch, who was killed while trying to get the
Chinese communists to work with the Nationalists to form a coalition government. Such governments always end up going communist as we [saw] in Czechoslovakia and Laos.

Some time afterward, a “conservative” writer wrote a laudatory book about Dennis entitled Klandestine repeating the claim that the KKK was a Soviet “front.” Perhaps not surprisingly, this book was published by a firm with long-standing ties to “former” CIA officer William F.
Buckley, Jr., who, as we shall see, played a major role in working to destroy grass-roots nationalist movements in America. Despite Dennis’ record as a Judas Goat, he rose in the ranks of the “conservative” American Party and in 1984 and 1988 was its presidential candidate! It
is thus no surprise the American Party is long gone from the scene.

Klan Leader Exposed as FBI Informant

In 1974, one of the lieutenants inside the Klan, Bill Wilkinson, was suspected of being suspicious and a potential future “trouble” maker. In fact, precisely as was suspected, for the final eight months of his membership in the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,Wilkinson was acting as a paid informant for the FBI.

And although some warned people Wilkinson was suspicious and not to be trusted, Wilkinson went on to found his own Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan after splitting with the Klan. And for eight years that followed, Wilkinson managed to dupe many innocent folks in the “Empire” who had no idea that Wilkinson was actually working for the FBI.

This was at a time when the Klan was supposedly attempting to “reform” the KKK movement, so to speak, and “clean up its image” and to counter the media stereotype that KKK members were violent haters. However, once Wilkinson was ensconced as leader of his own (FBI-sponsored) Klan group,Wilkinson worked assiduously to build up a public profile as a KKK leader spouting angry rhetoric and hinting of violence through such slogans as “Guns, Guts, and Bullets,” thereby stirring up increased racial tension. Wilkinson’s antics thus assisted fundraising efforts by the ADL which pointed to Wilkinson as a growing “threat,” when, in fact, he was under the thumb of the ADL’s allies at the FBI.

Writing in The Thunderbolt, Dr.Edward Fields described one thing about Wilkinson’s FBI-sponsored Klan which demonstrates precisely how Wilkinson was also working on behalf of the ADL:
Another interesting item is that the FBI urges all of is informers to do their best to protect Jews by urging patriots not to criticize them. When Bill Wilkinson sought to hire the professional right-wing writer Bill Grimstad, he first insisted that Grimstad promise to stay off the Jewish issue. Grimstad refused and said in that case, he didn’t want the job as editor of Wilkinson’s paper. At the same time, Wilkinson has time and again urged guest speakers at his rallies not to criticize Jews.

So although the FBI tolerated anti-Black rhetoric, anti-Jewish rhetoric was “off limits.” In any event, in 1981 Wilkinson’s role as an FBI informer while “leading” his own KKK was publicly revealed, effectively ending Wilkinson’s career in the “right wing,” but the revelations finally convinced many that there were indeed Judas Goats within the ranks of American political groups, a bitter pill for many to swallow, but a warning that many still seem to have failed to properly heed.

The ADL-FBI Murder of Schoolteacher Kathy
 Ainsworth: COINTELPRO at its Worst

Perhaps the most infamous example of FBI-ADL collaboration in a COINTELPRO operation—one which resulted in the murder of an innocent young woman—is the Kathy Ainsworth affair.

Lest any reader think that this is some sort of “conspiracy theory” cooked up by an "anti-Semitic hate-monger,” we will allow the story to be told by the distinguished, albeit now-defunct, Washington Star newspaper in a story dated February 13,1970, reprinting an Associated Press report describing a report from the even more distinguished Los Angeles Times.

Paper Claims FBI Payoff In Fatal Trap for Klan

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The FBI and Meridian, Miss., police paid two Ku Klux Klan informants $36,500 to set a trap for Klan terrorists in which one person was killed and three wounded, the Los Angeles Times reported today [February 13, 1970]. Meridian’s Jewish community provided funds for the trap at the attempted bombing of a Jewish businessman’s home, the Times reported.The action came after a series of 17 unsolved bombings and burnings in Jewish and Black communities in the Jackson and Meridian areas of Mississippi, the paper stated.The FBI and police declined
official comment.

The newspaper published a new account of circumstances about the incident, in which Klanswoman Kathy Ainsworth, a 26-year-old schoolteacher, was killed on June 30, 1968, in a gun battle with law officers.“Evidence strongly indicates that the Klansmen who made the bombing attempt, Thomas Albert Tarrants III, 21 at the time, and his companion, Mrs. Kathy Ainsworth, 26, a schoolteacher,were lured into the bombing attempt by two other Klansmen who were paid a total of $36,500,” the Times said. “A former FBI agent who acted as an intermediary was paid $2,000.”

“Policemen who sprang the trap say they expected a gun battle and never thought either Klan member would be taken alive,” the Times said.“They had expected two men to attempt the bombing and did not know a woman would be involved until 45 minutes before it was carried out.”
Gunfire at the home of the businessman, Meyer Davidson, killed Mrs.Ainsworth and wounded a policeman, a bystander and Tarrants, who later was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The Times said A. I. Botnick, director of the Anti-Defamation League regional office in New Orleans, acknowledged helping execute the trap. But in a second interview with him, the Times said, Botnik termed his recorded statements of the first interview “incorrect.” The Times said it “has documented the arrangements for the trap through police records and statements by some
of the police officers involved.”

The paper reported that Meridian detective L L. Scarbrough helped it uncover the information, but that he later said only the FBI or his police chief should release the information. The Times quoted its sources of information as saying they would deny telling the names of the two Klan informants
[the Roberts brothers] if the two informants ever sued for libel because their names were made public.

The two informants received $36,500 and “demanded and got written assurance that they would be given immunity from prosecution in several cases of church bombings,” the Times said.

But there was much more to this ugly story. Jack Nelson of The Los Angeles Times reported in his shocking exposé that Detective Scarbrough had told him that the ADL’s man, Botnick, had also told the informants, the Roberts brothers, that he (Botnick) could raise an additional $150,000 more from the Jewish community for what he described as more “assistance” if the Roberts brothers would provide testimony linking another KKK leader, Sam Bowers of Tupelo, Mississippi to the so-called terrorist attacks.

In other words, Botnick was essentially asking the Roberts brothers to lie under oath to provide any form of evidence that could be used to send Bowers to jail. In another instance, Nelson reported that Kenneth Dean, a Mississippi-based civil rights activist, had said that Botnick had also talked of making out a contract to have two Klansmen in a northern state “liquidated,” and promised that he could arrange for this and be assured that there would be no investigation.

One can only imagine the howl of international outrage if it were revealed that someone had arranged to have a Jewish leader such as Botnick “liquidated.”Yet, Botnick was never charged for any of his criminal behavior, although he should have certainly been marched off to be gassed, shot, or hanged,which was conventionally the treatment accorded murderers in the United States.


Thus, as we have seen—in just these few brief examples— there is a very real and very sordid history of infiltration and disruption of American dissident groups by agents of governments, both foreign and domestic, not to mention the unseemly and a frequent alliance between our own FBI and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which is, obviously, an agent of a foreign government: Israel.

In any event, in light of the similar role that both the FBI and the ADL (together and individually) have played in infiltrating and disrupting dissident groups, the formal link-up between the FBI and the ADL is particularly disconcerting, since much of the growing emphasis on “combatting terrorism” may lead to a new wave of FBI-ADL orchestrated acts of provocation designed to create public demand for a crackdown on freedom of speech and assembly.

In fact, according to Edward S. Herman of the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania, writing in his book: The “Terrorism” Industry:The Experts and Institutions That Shape Our View of Terror:“In the United States, the FBI has long engaged in agents
provocateurs actions, urging violence on penetrated dissident organizations and carrying out direct acts of violence, then attributed to the individuals and organizations under attack.”

While this may come as a shock to the average American, it is a fact not subject to debate. 

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