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Private Intelligence Agencies Receiving Government Contracts

Please see here , here and here about private and outsourced intelligence fronts. See here for the evidence of the CIA working with drugs and organized crime. Also, see these previous post on private intelligence agencies here, here, and here

See here for where Homeland Security started from and the driving force behind it. See here for more about the ADL working with the police and its ties to organized crime. See here for more about the precursor to this program. As these articles show, the technology that these people have access to is beyond what most people could even comprehend. The mainstream and the alternative media are lying to you, this blog is telling you the truth. They are telling you some truth, but, they are lying by omission. They are not telling you how bad it is or who is predominantly behind it and why. These people (predominantly Israeli apologists,) are engaging in broadcasting the lives of people like reality TV shows, while remotely torturing them with electronic warfare

They are complete psychopaths. They are so crazy and out of control, it is beyond what most people could even imagine. It sounds unreal --- and they know this. IT IS THE TRUTH. It is the intention of these government torture programs to be as violent and harsh as possible so victims sound crazy when they describe the events. The tactics used by the CIA/DoD (department of defense) for massive human experimentation has not changed. Acting like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde allows them cover and plausible denial while they cower back into the fringe and shadows of government. If they made the experiments mild, people would be more likely to believe the DoD/CIA conducted this kind of torture research.

Congress in the United States and the House of Commons in Canada are a part of the problem, they are going along for the ride. It is time that people begin to call these losers out, they are complicit in these criminal governments. They are not representing the people. We must fight to spread the truth through word of mouth and other yet to be controlled information channels. Ignorance is the only enemy and everyone working to keep secrets or spread disinformation are merely the unimportant pawns to be sacrificed in this classic metaphorical battle between good and evil.

The United States and Canada, (because of their joint border protection contracts that have sprung up since September 11th,2001 and their special relationship with Israel, example here,) have become like Banana Republics. The people that have access to this technology are above the law. They are essentially organized crime with intelligence contracts and high-security clearance. They are the real ones running the United States. 


What is A Private Intelligence Agency?

Before reading any of this, see here and here. Also, see this. The privatization of "bads" or questionable governmental practices (like warfare and intelligence,) has always been looked at as something that would be unacceptable to do because it leaves less accountability. These contracts are being awarded to companies and are paid by taxpayers. Please see here for when the Soviet Union fell apart and the so-called "privatization" that took place. Are we seeing something similar in the United States? Massive looting while the government falls apart?  
A 'PIA' or Private Intelligence Agency is a private sector (non-governmental) or quasi non-government organization devoted to the collection and analysis of information, most commonly through the evaluation of public sources (OSINT or Open Source INTelligence) and cooperation with other institutions. Some private agencies make their services available to governments as well as individual consumers; however, most of these agencies sell their services to large corporations with an interest or investment in the category (e.g. crimediseasecorruption, etc.) or the region (e.g. Middle EastVietnamPrague, etc.).
The private intelligence industry has boomed due to shifts in how the U.S. government is conducting espionage in the War on Terror. Some US$56 billion or 70% of the US$80 billion national intelligence budget of the United States was in 2013 earmarked for the private sector according to the New York Times' Tim Shorrock.

Functions previously performed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), and other intelligence agencies are now outsourced to private intelligence corporations. The AMC series Rubicon was devoted to the fictional intelligence consultancy American Policy Institute (API).

Outsourcing Intelligence 

Outsourcing Intelligence is a method by which a country gathers information using non-governmental employees. In the United States of America, at least 50% of intelligence gatherers are contractors instead of governmental employees. 
The government of a country may outsource intelligence gathering that may not be obtainable through other means, they may also need to use human intelligence such as the CIA's National Clandestine Service (NCS). It may mean outsourcing to foreign nationals from a country of interest, they may outsource to private companies as well to gather the specified intelligence needed. For a company, the ways of outsourcing intelligence are the same, in which third party individuals and corporations are hired to obtain data and other intelligence. Intelligence can also be outsourced for analysis by a third party, in a similar fashion to what the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence does.
Former analysts and officers of the Central Intelligence Agency and Department of National Intelligence are allowed to leave their government positions and go work for companies in the private sector the next day doing the same job. This is known as "butts in seats." The reason one former government analyst did go work for a private intelligence firm was that the pay in the private sector was about 50% higher than the one he had from the government.

Private Sector Dominance

Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the United States Congress increased the funding flow to the intelligence community. In November 2005, a CIA official revealed the intelligence budget to be $44 billion, which increased from a $26.6 billion budget reported by CIA Director George Tenet in 1997.
The intelligence community is allowed to keep its budget secret. With this secrecy comes speculation that at the absolute least 50% of the entire budget now flows to the private sector. It is also estimated that in the intelligence community much of the 15,000 analysts are drawing private-sector paychecks as a result of “butts in seats.”
According to R.J. Hillhouse, "Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) workers revealed at a conference in May that contractors make up 51% of the staff in the DIA." Hillhouse goes further to say that, "the CIA has a similar situation…between 50% and 60% of the workforce of the CIA’s most important directorate, the National Clandestine Service (NCS)… is composed of employees of for-profit corporations.” Hillhouse also says that in terms of oversight the ratio is 1:25 (one government employee supervising twenty-five private contractors), which means that it will "involve multiple companies and multiple layers of administration."
Since the September 11 attacks, U.S. telecommunications giants AT&T and Verizon have actually outsourced all their controversial NSA-mandated internet and telephone surveillance to the contractors Narus andVerint respective, both of which have close ties to Israeli intelligence services, although they maintain headquarters in the U.S.

Some Notable private intelligence companies

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