Friday, March 4, 2016

Why Israel Gets Away With Murder

After you watch the video below, go here to learn more about the Federal Reserve and central banking. Did you know Canada is currently trying to wrestle this power away from these Zionist bankers? (The media is finally beginning to cover it, see here, here, here, here and here for more on this.) Go here to learn more about the Rothschilds and how they were instrumental in the founding of the state of Israel, and why this was a large part of what World War I and World War II was about. See here for my previous article on Trump and how he is not offering any meaningful alternative because he does not identify the real problem.

As the video below shows, it is a necessity when seeking any form of political position to tow the line and pander to those in power. Now, one could say they agree with the political positions of those in power. Fine, but, people should know what that position stands for. But, if someone wants to say they are a "Roman Catholic" like Trudeau supposedly is, traditionally, they would not have supported any "state of Israel" or a "Jewish state," nor would they have called the so-called Jewish people the chosen people. Even today, the Greek Orthodox and the Catholic church both think the church is the new Israel, they just don't say it because they are afraid of those in power. Lest anyone care anymore --- Catholic means "Universal." How is the state of Israel or what is known as Judaism today Universal?

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