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Front Businesses and Intelligence Agents

The intelligence officer who recruits and runs agents is a case officer or handler. The handler uses a motivation scale to recruit his agents. The higher on the scale, the more trustworthy the agent is to remain loyal and not change sides:

Political Agreement

All agents operate under a cover. Their cover is pretending they are a friend of the enemy person or group they are infiltrating. They hide the fact that they are actually working for an enemy. If they are exposed as being enemy agents, they lose their ability to deceive and influence. These front companies are involved in gathering intelligence and using Stasi stalking techniques to ruin people's lives.  See here also. See here for the technology that is used by intelligence. 

Over 50% of intelligence is now being outsourced. Some of the front companies are drug dealing operations or are using a front to conceal their drug operations. (See here for more information about connections between the CIA and drugs.) Some of the businesses that I list here are the sort of front businesses that the FBI lists as terrorist front businesses. Some that I know about are writers, escorts, mining companies, trading education businesses, hedge funds, prop trading firms, martial arts businesses, crossfit-gyms, yoga centers, property management, real-estate agents, mortgage brokers, decal and graphics companies, landscaping and gardening businesses, home renovations (especially mold or mildew from grow operations,) graffiti removal and pest control. 

This is what a cover looks like. If the sheep are fooled by the cover, it leads to their demise. Intelligence and propaganda are weapons used in defeating an enemy. Infiltration, manipulation by propaganda, and sabotage are acts of war. An intelligence agent is just as destructive as an enemy soldier in uniform who is shooting people. An intelligence agent is an operating enemy soldier – who is not making that obvious by wearing an enemy uniform.

The type of person who needs a tank to roll up on their doorstep before they realize they are under attack – they become a casualty in the warfare being waged by covert enemy intelligence agents. Intelligence groups hide behind minions and front groups who do their dirty work and take the blame for it. Let’s take a look at front groups and dupe agents. The usual way a person becomes an intelligence agent is they have knowingly agreed to do it because the handler asked them to. But, that is not the only way that people become agents.

A front group is constructed when the main group cannot have any connection to the action being taken by the front. A front group is run by a knowing agent for an intelligence agency.

If the government wanted to get rid of a particular person or group, (those who oppose the people or group in power,) they cannot openly go about that because it is supposedly illegal for the government to do that. So, the case officer recruits an agent who will start a front group. The front group attacks the person or group that the government wants to get rid of, and therefore the government can deny responsibility for the attacks on that person or group.

The intelligence agent who starts and runs a front group is a knowing agent. He reports to his handler and takes orders from his handler. That knowing agent will employ other people to work within the front group. These other people have no connection to the handler and they have not made an agreement with the handler to act as his agent. However, they are still serving as agents for the handler, they are called dupe agents.

These dupe agents will deny they are being agents for an intelligence agency. It is not what the agent thinks that makes him an agent, it is what the handler thinks.

Front groups are established with a covert evil purpose in mind. The intelligence agent who starts a front group is aware of the covert evil purpose. Other people are brought in who are usually decent people with good intentions. They are not told that the group has been formed by an intelligence agency for a covert evil purpose. The dupes make the front group look like it is just a bunch of good guys doing good things. But the leadership is carrying out a covert evil purpose. The dupes help conceal what the top guys are up to.

The lower down people in the front group will go out and do what their front business is supposed to do. This makes it appear that they are just a bunch of nice guys. However, at the top of the intelligence front groups, you have people involved in evil activites.

The dupes always think they work for a good cause. But to maintain that idea they have to turn a blind eye to what the leadership is doing.

The true purpose of the front group is not defined by what the lower down people think and do.

It is defined by what the highest people think and do.

Intelligence agencies run covert black intelligence operations against people they are attacking. They are black because they are based on lies and they are somehow immoral. Framing a person for a crime they did not actually commit is an example of a covert black intelligence operation.

There are also black propaganda operations. Propaganda uses lies to manipulate an audience or community. The audience is under attack because they are being fed false information to manipulate their ideas.

Propaganda is dispensed on every means of communication – smear and slander campaigns, social media, newspapers, magazines, novels, books, radio, television, movies, music, video games, and the internet. Propaganda is one of their most used methods for behavior modification – they call it social engineering and the engineering of consent.

Black intelligence operations and black propaganda operations are covert, because the people doing them do not reveal who they are working for. Both are weak, they lose the ability to influence others when they are exposed as being based on lies or if the people doing them are exposed as to who they work for.

Those who are not alert to the actions of intelligence agents and propaganda agents will have their lives adversely affected. You recognizing enemy intelligence and propaganda agents undermines what they wanted to accomplish.

When they are exposed as being enemy agents, they lose their ability to deceive and influence. One way you can identify an agent is by asking – Who benefits from what the person is doing, or, what are they not willing to talk about?  Intelligence agents are masters of lies by ommission. The mainstream and alternative media are full of people like this.

Another example. Let's say you were a best friend of someone for an extended period of time, and something happened to you to attempt to discredit you and your friend knew about it. Later, after some careful investigation, you discovered that your friend was following you around for extended periods of time, he knew about classified technology that is so invasive it can read your mind and influence your behavior. You also found out that your friend was working with people that you were a critic of and he was running a front business for intelligence. When you confront him, he records your conversation, calls the police and gets you thrown in a mental institution. (Once again, this is actually standard procedure to discredit someone.)

Tactics used by intelligence operatives against “targets” for deceit and reputation-destruction:

The 4 D's:  1. Disrupt 2. Deceive 3. Degrade 4. Deny

1. They infiltrate and disrupt a targets life, family and community,  they isolate and destabilize the target, they vilify, they defame, ridicule and harass the target, they nullify the target
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