Thursday, April 16, 2015

CSIS- The Recruiting Videos Make You Think You Will Be The Next James Bond

It's interesting that the video below features content that is similar to what is happening to me.

See here:
and here: for more.

These ridiculous James Bond-like videos make you think that you will actually be participating in a beneficial service to your country. The truth is the exact opposite.

CSIS is a disservice to the citizens of Canada and the very nature of the Canadian way of life. The activities that CSIS are involved in go against everything that Canadians believe in and that makes Canada a great country and worth fighting for. The Canadian Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are put in place to ENSHRINE the rights that you have as FREE PEOPLE before they were written up. The government does not grant you these guaranteed and fundamental rights and freedoms, it is there to uphold them.

There is ample evidence on this blog of classified technology that "YOU ARE PAYING FOR." I can absolutely guarantee that CSIS is aware of this technology. This technology is highly invasive and infringes on the human rights of Canadian citizens.  Why aren't you told of this? Remember, you pay for it! Why do we allow them to do this? Why did we allow them to pass BILL C-51?