Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Jews and the Synagogue of Satan

Can it be any more clear to you? Is Jesus "anti-Semitic?" Would Jesus be charged with "hate speech?" See herehere and here for what Jesus said about them. People really have no idea, in the words of Jesus, they are not the Jews.  See here for how the Jews try to shut people up that speak the truth. 

Most people do not know that God is being associated with TRUTH in the Bible  (also see here,) while Satan is an adversary to truth and a slanderer. See here for the definition of the Devil as a slanderer. Jesus literally calls the Jews children of the Devil and the Devil is the father of lies. Any knowledgeable individual who has actually studied the Bible knows that you do not need the New Testament for criticism of the Jews, it is in the Old Testament. The God of the Old Testament and the prophets would be called "anti-Semites." They are saying this to shut people up! It is Biblical, and soon everyone will see the truth, because that is what God is. TRUTH and LOGOS! 

In other words, use your reasoning power to speak the truth about a bunch of liars, because we are all made in the image of God. Do you know why Jesus associates himself with the beginning and the end or the Alpha and the Omega? It is because he is the end of the Bible and in the beginning when human beings are created in the image of God there is no Jew or Gentile. Got that? Pretty simple eh?   

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