Friday, July 7, 2017

"They Live" Is The Gospels In A Hollywood Movie

Forget the aliens, the so-called "Illuminati" and many other stupid conspiracy theories. The reality is, this movie is 100% based on the so-called Jews and their henchmen and minions. That is the honest truth. They just can't say it. This movie is basically the Gospels. You can also see this article about the connection between Jews, Israel, Freemasonry, the Stasi, and Homeland Security. This is like the people that are stalking and following him in the movie below. This is a perfect example of intelligence agents and all of the people who work with them, just like East Germany with the Stasi. The East German Stasi used to recruit people from all levels of society. But, I can tell you with 100% certainty, it is banking, organized crime and intelligence Jews at the top of all of this.

This is how sad countries like the United States and Canada have become, it is absolutely sickening and pathetic. This is the modern day Stasi Octopus, involving everyone from businessmen and women, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, government employees, trades personnel, (for example; like pest control or property management,) law enforcement, drug dealers, writers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, actors, sports figures, priests and religious leaders, addiction recovery groups, university professors, waiters and hotel personnel. This is exactly what it was like in East Germany. There isn't one group they didn't infiltrate. Now your society has become just as sad, our countries have turned into Stasi nightmares. 

There is a reason why this has happened over and over and over. People need to take back their governments. If we do not control our countries politically, we are done for. This is why people like Thomas Jefferson did this and was against people like this, this is why revolutions happen. It doesn't matter if you are an atheist or agnostic --- it is the absolute truth. The truth will been seen as "anti-Semitic" and the truth shall set you free.

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