Monday, January 1, 2018

Best Atheist Books & a Lecture

I have posts on my blog about Christianity, Judaism and Zionism. I don't want anyone to mistake me for being a Christian. I am not a Protestant or a Catholic, nor a Jew. I'm none of these. I cannot stand these religions. I just want people to see what past Christians (including Jesus,) have said about the so-called "chosen" people and that Christianity is far and away the better belief system. Christianity is about integration and tolerance while Judaism is not. Reform and Liberal Judaism have been influenced by Christianity. What I hate even more than any of these religions is the Church of Satan. I hate these people with a passion. There is a reason why the Church of Satan does not want "anti-Semites." It is because they know that Judaism and Zionism are a joke and they support it. Don't ever forget it was the so-called Jews who pinned Jesus to a cross.

Christianity is ending the blood-based ideology of Judaism. The state of Israel and Judaism are based on the blood-based ethnocentrism of Judaism. (See here for more about the so-called Jews and the belief system of Judaism. Most people do not know what Judaism really is.) The best Atheist books I know of are listed below. You should also get the lecture by Nathaniel Branden located here.

1.  Atheism: The Case Against God - George Smith

2. Atheism Explained: From Folly to Philosophy

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