Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Nurse Trash Who Thinks He's "Cute" By Putting Up A Goat Pic After I Put Up An Article About Human Sacrifice

Here is the article I posted. He literally put the picture up as his Facebook picture the day I posted the article. Here are his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He is following me like so many other stalkersFor those of you who don't know, this is a biblical symbol ... one of them is the separation of the sheep and the goats. The other is a scapegoat or sacrificial lamb which is from the Old Testament, but, not with regard to human beings. (See here and here.) Believe me, this is not a coincidence.

He knows everything that I am writing about and he thinks it's funny. This includes torture, classified technology, and Stasi techniques.  Classified Technology: Learn Intelligence Tactics:  Discredit Someone with Hi-Technology: 
Microwave technology: https://exposeintelligence.blogspot.ca/2016/10/microwave-warfare-directed-energy_11.html

He thinks that Canada being turned into a Stasi dump is good because he is trash. It would not surprise me in the least to find out that he is also involved with drugs or something else. I have found that most of the people that are doing this are either involved with drugs, are Zionists (Jews or Gentiles who are supporters of the Jewish state of Israel,) or working with intelligence.

This is a government employee that knows some of the other people following me. They are all working together. The lowlife that runs Gorilla who I used to be friends with, his aunt is holding up a goat in her Facebook picture while his mother is holding up a wine glass in her Facebook picture. Another nurse who is friends with him and the guy in the picture below is also holding up a wine glass. Here is another person who knows them and another

All of this is anchoring like I mention here. All of these people know each other. Right now Canada has become like East Germany. (See under Zersetzung category of my blog for more information.) This is a part of Homeland Security and Bill C-51. But, these laws were in Canada before Bill-C51, just like Homeland Security was. Canada and the United States are both under similar laws

They have turned Canada into a Police State that is similar to East Germany. People that are engaged in organized stalking should be fired from their jobs. They are nurses. What are they doing? Why are they doing this? Why are they working with people that are complete psychopaths that are involved with intelligence agencies and organized crime?

This is how truly sad this country has become.

Nurse Psychopath

Nurse Scum

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