Friday, April 28, 2017

Zoltan Istvan - Another Psychopathic Jewish Transhumanist Loser

Like these people here, this psychopathic Jewish loser named Zoltan Istvan knows about classified technology and is heavily associated with the Transhumanist movementSee here for the connections between Transhumanism and Judaism. See here for some introductory videos about Transhumanism. See here for the Transhumanist category on my sure to go through all of the articles.

Just like many other stalking pieces of trash Zionist Jews, he doesn't seem to think it matters when a bunch of people are getting tortured with microwave weapons and their brains are being beamed out live like a radio station. This is what is happening, it pretty much high-tech Jewish blood libel. They think they can get away with this. This is how these sick assholes get off, torturing people and watching it like a reality TVs how. They are complete psychopaths. Good thing this psycho loser was running for President under the "Transhumanist Party." To top it off --- he is actually a Transhumanist "Libertarian" --- or in other words, a Totalitarian Libertarian or a Eugenicist Libertarian. Makes perfect sense... kind of like this crazy bitch and her art

You will often find that most of the people that are engaging in this activity, for the most part, but not always.... are Jews. Why? Well, one of the reasons is because it's literally a part of Homeland SecuritySee here for more about how fighting "GLOBAL anti-Semitism" is a part of American foreign policy. This is how sad countries like the United States and Canada have become, it is absolutely sickening and pathetic. This is the modern day Stasi Octopus, involving everyone from businessmen and women, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, government employees, trades personnel, (for example; like pest control or property management,) law enforcement, drug dealers, writers, doctors, lawyers, journalists, actors, sports figures, priests and religious leaders, addiction recovery groups, university professors, waiters and hotel personnel. This is exactly what it was like in East Germany. There isn't one group they didn't infiltrate. Now your society has become just as sad, our countries have turned into Stasi nightmares. 

Zoltan Istvan:  Psychopath, Author and Politician

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