Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sarah Silverman: The Classic Double Standard Of the Supposedly "CHOSEN" People

See here for more about the "so-called" Jews. See here for more about mental illness and Judaism. Watch the video below to see another classic case of double standards by Jews. Now, take into consideration that most of the political commentary from people in our media is from Jews themselves and they frequently denigrate Christianity and Islam and yet.... they never, ever, ever say a word about this. How insane are these people?

How often have you heard people in your media (who are almost always Jews) say that "ALL" Muslims should condemn "radical Islam." This often comes from psychopathic Zionist Jews who rarely tell you the truth about what fuels radical Islam, nor do they tell you the truth about Judaism. Once again.... now you know the truth and the truth shall set you free. See another article here about Sarah Silverman. See here and here for more about the French comedian Dieudonn√©. See here for a must-see interview of him.

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